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India 2024 Lok Sabha Elections result impact on the Stock Market

 "Modi Government and the Stock Market: Predicting the Outcome of India's 2024 Lok Sabha Elections"

Nowadays, Every Indian and Foreign Investors have eye on India “Lok Sabha” elections 2024. From Last Couple of days we have good profit booking into the Midcap & Smallcap stocks of Indian stock market especially after the announcement of “Lok Sabha” election dates  i.e  April 19-2024, 26 april 2024, May 2024 on Dates of 7, 13, 20, 25 &  June 1- 2024, Counting on June 4- 2024. We can say that this panic situation was expected before “Lok Sabha” elections 2024. At this time, 65% to 75% Indian investors & foreign investors are expecting 350 to 370 seats of BJP Government in “Lok Sabha” elections 2024. Many surveys are giving one sided win to Modi government.

But do you think that it is true? Let us understand that if Modi Government could not meet the expectations of Indian stock market investors or traders then what will happen next in the stock market.

Negative points which may go against BJP Government in the Election 2024:

There is not an questions on Modi Government in the last 10 years the way they had performed but somewhere, Modi Government could not meet the expectations of Youngsters, famers & central government employees departments of like PSU banking sectors retiree or pensioners issues because they are getting very less pensions as compared to State government retired employees. Farmers protest in Punjab is also not going in the favor of BJP Government. Unemployment rate has been increasing day by day which is biggest concern for the Modi Government. There is not enough control of Modi Government on Private sector in term of Strict Labour laws. Many Private sector companies are not offering jobs to Youngsters by giving excuse of “Lack of skills or lack of work experiences” which is question need to ask from BJP government that why Companies are doing exploitation. Inflation is also a biggest concern for BJP Government which is out of control.

Positive points which may go in favour BJP Government in the Election 2024:

if we will see the Positive points of BJP Government then it outweighs the negative points. BJP government had done fabulous job at International level and Made India proud by finalizing very important deals with Countries like Russia, Australia, Dubai, USA, Japan, Israel and many more. During the BJP Government tenure, Infrastructure of India has improved or we can say that in reality work has done in the Infrastructure sector. Also, During BJP Government in India, Border security was tight in India.

 Some of Famous Initiatives had taken by BJP Government and those were like by Indian People:

Mann Ki Baat:

The introduction of a monthly radio program where the Prime Minister engages in conversations with the public, covering various topics of importance. This trend had set by Prime minister Modi & it was much appreciated by the People. This step had given rebirth to RADIO broadcasters.

Swachh Bharat Mission:

 A nationwide cleanliness campaign aimed at improving sanitation and waste management, encouraging citizens to take responsibility for cleaning their surroundings. It was the most appreciated step taken by the Modi Government and People had also follow it.

Make in India, FDI, Startup India & Mudra Yojna:

 Initiatives focused on boosting manufacturing, foreign direct investment, supporting startups, and providing credit access to entrepreneurs

Ayushman Bharat:

The National Health Protection Scheme aiming to provide medical insurance cover to economically disadvantaged citizens.These initiatives reflect a holistic approach to governance and address crucial aspects such as public engagement, cleanliness, economic development, and healthcare accessibility.

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What will happen In Indian stock Market if BJP Government could win seats as per expectations?

If we will read the above positive and negative points of BJP government tenure then we will find out that Investors are expecting one sided win from the BJP Government in 2024 “Lok Sabha” election which is looking 65% correct but 35% it is looking not possible because in Some states voters are against the BJP government and due to this reason other Parties can surprise in the final election results of 2024 “Lok Sabha” elections. BJP government should not take “Nation” political party like “Congress” which is going through tough time but now reestablishing itself in the many states. In this scenario, If BJP Could not meet Indian investors expectation then we may see Big fall in the Indian stock market which can remain for bit long time because Stock markets always run on expectations of future growth & if BJP government will not come with the Majority in few states then it can create a question in the mind of the Investors on the Growth story of India.Traders & Investors should stay alert in the Indian stock market because Indian stock market is also trading at very higher valuations and any small negative can show big negative reaction in Indian stock market and we will not be surprised if we will see Lower circuit in the Indian stock market.

But in any case if BJP Government will reach even near to expectations in Tern of wining the seats of 300 or 320 then we may see big upside rally in the Indian stock market.  India “Lok Sabha” 2024, election will have impact on world stock markets too because India is playing very vital role in the world economy.

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