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2024 Election Impact on Modi Govt & Businesses, industries

 Major Challenges for “Modi Government” in Elections 2024:

In 2024 Elections for Prime minister of India is in limelight. But, in Politics, “nothing should be taken as granted” . There is no any Question on “BJP Government” because Prime minister of India “Shri Narendra modi ji” has done exceptional well for India & Due to “Shri Narendra Modi ji” India has become important part of World Economy. But, “Modi Government” is getting negative remarks in Term of Increasing “Unemployment Data” in India. “BJP government” should look into this matter. In India, Private sector companies are doing exploitation of their employees & having more focus of  on “Making good profit”instead  of offering jobs.

Farmers Protest in Punjab:

Farmers Protest is going on in India, especially in “Punjab” state which a biggest challenge is for “BJP Government” in Punjab if “Modi Government”will able to meet the demands of “Farmers in Punjab then it is going to be a Big Win for the “Modi government” because Majority of People in Punjab depends on Agriculture.

The Opposition Challenge to Modi Government:

Everyone is expecting Modi government back to rule the India for next 5 years but it will be important to see that how many seats BJP Government can win in 2024 Elections.

 As people eagerly await the BJP's comeback, it's crucial to recognize the potential rivalry coming from opposition parties, especially the Congress. Figures like Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are poised to attract substantial backing. If Sonia Gandhi assumes leadership, the BJP might encounter a significant test. The Congress party recent resurgence in certain states introduces an unpredictable factor into the electoral scenario, making the political landscape more dynamic and intriguing but in the State like “Punjab” Congress party is struggling, Still from last few months position of congress party in “Punjab” state is also improving. Many Experts are also expecting that Congress Party may come up with main Leadership face of “Sonia Gandhi ji”.In this case it happens, and then it is going to see good competition in between BJP & Congress.

Which Business groups will have benefits if Modi Government comes in India?

Business Groups and Economic Prospects:

“ Here, We would like to clear one thing that Business groups always get support from ruling parties , it does not matter if it is BJP or Congress because all parties have to set up their growth plans with Big Business groups of India”. We will focus mainly on Three big  business groups of companies which can get benefit from Upcoming Ruling Political Party in India 2024”.

Regardless of the political outcome, business groups play a pivotal role in shaping the economic trajectory of the country.

There are mainly three business groups will be in more focus If Modi government comes into the Power again in India 2024 Elections.  We would like to disclose the name of these three companies i.e  Reliance Industries, Adani Group, and Tata. These Business groups of companies are highlighted in the Wall Street Journal as key players in Modi's vision for India, indicating potential benefits for these conglomerates.

Support for Small Retailers:

Ahead of the 2024 general elections, the Modi government is planning to support small retailers by offering low-cost credit and easing regulations in the sector. Modi, Government may announce some benefits to Small retailers through the GST or Tax benefits.

Stocks and Sectors Outlook:

The interim budget in 2024 is expected to focus on government spending on infrastructure, which could benefit certain stocks and sectors. Insiders are betting on 24 specific stocks ahead of this budget.

Which industries are expected to grow under modi government?

The Modi government's economic policies are expected to boost various sectors, including the automobile, pharmaceutical, tourism, and manufacturing industries. With a focus on overall economic growth, these sectors are positioned for expansion, providing opportunities for investors and contributing to India's economic resilience.

Automobile sector:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of every sector growing to ensure overall economic growth, indicating a positive outlook for the automobile industry. Automobile sector is playing very important role in the growth of Indian economy and in term of Offering Employment. BJP Government will have more focus on this sector. Demand of Vehicles will be increase in the future and It is going to be big challenge for companies to set up new plants in India.

Pharma sector:

Alongside automobile, the pharmaceutical sector is also expected to experience rapid growth under the Modi government's economic policies. Providing Medicine at lowest price is a biggest challenge for any Government. Modi Government will have to focus on this sector because India is 2nd largest population country in the world and demand for Medicine will increase.

Tourism sector:

Prime Minister Modi's focus on economic growth extends to the tourism sector, suggesting potential growth opportunities in this industry as well. Indian is going to be a Hub of tourism in the coming 10 years and Modi Government has focus on this sector.

Manufacturing Sector:

The government's efforts to attract global companies and increase spending on infrastructure are set to boost manufacturing, with estimates indicating a significant expansion in this sector.These industries are poised for growth under the Modi government's economic initiatives, reflecting a positive outlook for various sectors of the Indian economy.

How on Indian stock market can trade after Election results 2024?

Everyone knows that After “Prime minster” elections in India the outcome of Elections will make more impact on Indian stock market in either way: Sharp downside or big Up move”. We can see Upper circuit or Down circuit” in Indian stock market Post election resultsIn Such all scenario’s, it will be good see that “how Many Seats BJP Governments” can win in Election 2024”. Traders should ready for heavy volatility in Indian stock market. 

We can say that In Elections 2024, It is going to be big challenge for “Modi Government” . If Everything goes well & in favor of Modi Government then It will be a very good news for “Indian stock Market” but in any Case “modi Government” comes with less than Expected Seats in 2024 Elections then It may be the major Disappointment for the Indian Stock market investors and we may see big correction in Indian stock market as well as world stock markets too because India is contributing more to the world economy.

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