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Sensex Outlook: When sensx will reach at1Lakh Milestone

 As financial experts predict the Sensex, India leading stock market index, to breach the 1 lakh level in the near future, the anticipation is palpable among investors. This article explores the factors influencing this forecast, along with expert-backed strategies for investors gearing up for the anticipated surge.

Sensex Outlook and Forecast:

The Sensex is poised to scale the 1 lakh level by either 2024 or 2025, according to financial experts, with a 43% gain in the last two years, boasting an annual growth rate of 19.5%. Despite this positive trajectory, some analysts remain cautiously optimistic, highlighting the need for a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Expert Insights from "Multibagger Stock Ideas" (PS Group):

"Multibagger Stock Ideas" (PS Group) shares its perspective on the Sensex journey to 1 lakh. While optimistic about the milestone, they emphasize the need for caution in the coming weeks, particularly in Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks. The group maintains a positive long-term view on the Indian stock market, considering profit booking as a healthy sign.

Factors Influencing Sensex Growth:

Several factors contribute to the potential surge in the Sensex:

Economic Growth:

 A robust Indian economy positively impacts the stock market, with a higher GDP growth rate translating to increased stock prices.

Corporate Earnings:

 The performance of listed companies, particularly higher corporate earnings, can drive stock prices upward, potentially propelling the Sensex to the 1 lakh level.

Inflation and Interest Rates:

 Favorable stock market conditions are often associated with lower inflation and interest rates.

Global Factors:

International events, such as economic shifts and geopolitical developments, can significantly influence the Indian stock market.

Domestic Reforms and Policies:

Government policies related to taxation, infrastructure, and foreign investment play a pivotal role in shaping stock market trends.


Investor Sentiment:

 Positive investor sentiment is a key driver in pushing the Sensex higher.

Expert Projections and Cautionary Notes:

"Multibagger Stock Ideas" (PS Group) foresees the Sensex hitting the 1 lakh level within the next five years. However, they caution investors about potential profit booking in the Indian stock market in the short term, maintaining a positive long-term view.

Sectors Driving the Sensex Rally:

Sectors expected to fuel the Sensex rally include banking, information technology (IT), railways, defense, infrastructure, public sector undertakings (PSUs), and PSU banks. Banking and IT sectors, constituting two-thirds of the Nifty and Sensex weight, are poised to play a significant role in the rally.

Strategies for Investors:

For investors preparing for the Sensex's ascent to 1 lakh, the following strategies are suggested:

Long-Term Investment:

Compound wealth at a reasonable rate (12% to 15%) through long-term investments for potential growth within 3.3 to 4.1 years.

Focus on Banking and IT Sectors:

Capitalize on the anticipated leadership positions of the banking and IT sectors by strategically investing in these areas.

Thematic Emphasis on "Old Economy" Sectors:

 Explore opportunities in "old economy" sectors like

  • Railways
  • Defense
  • Infrastructure
  • PSU banks 
  • capital goods

Consider Sector Rotation:

 Evaluate and adjust portfolios based on sector rotation strategies, aligned with the overall market uptrend.


While the journey to the 1 lakh mark for Sensex holds promise, investors are reminded of the inherent uncertainties in stock market predictions. The strategies outlined herein, based on expert opinions and market insights, serve as a valuable reference for those looking to navigate the potential growth of the Sensex in the coming years.

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