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Anil Singhvi: Top Stock Picks & market outlook for 2024

 Anil Singhvi: A Leading Voice in Hindi-language Business News

Introduction of Anil Singhvi:

Anil Singhvi is a well-known journalist, news anchor, and managing director at Zee Business, a Hindi-language business news channel in India. He is famous for his stock market strategies and is recognized for his work in the field. Anil Singhvi was born on June 2, 1970, in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India, and is a commerce graduate with professional qualifications of Chartered Accountancy. He has worked with CNBC Awaaz and is currently associated with Zee Business As of 2021.  We can say that Anil Singhvi is a   Renowned Journalist and Stock Market Expert.

Multibagger Stock Ideas (PS Group) Perspective on Anil Singhvi:

Anil Singhvi is not dependent on anyone's praise. Anil Singhvi is such a journalist and stock market expert of Indian Business News Channel that people like to listen to him & People do not want to leave TV screen until he is covering any news or hosting a show because Anil Singhvi has such a talent of journalism which not every news anchor has.  This TV anchor, full of stock market knowledge, has also become a role model for many stock market traders and investors. Anil Singhvi has changed the trend because along with telling the news, he also keeps joking with the analysts sitting in the studio with him, which reduces the stress level of the stock market traders & bring smile on their faces,otherwise few years ago,  people were considering business news channels very boring. 

Has Anil singhvi won any awards for his work in journalism?

Awards and Recognition:

Anil Singhvi received an award for his outstanding contribution to business journalism from Padma Bhushan Rajshree Birla in 2011. This recognition reflects his significant impact and expertise in the field of business journalism.

What is Anil singhvi's outlook for the indian stock market in 2024?

Anil Singhvi outlook for the Indian stock market in 2024 is cautiously optimistic. He has suggested that US markets may outperform Indian markets due to expected interest rate cuts, with a recommendation to follow a buy-on-dips strategy for investing in the American markets. Anil Singhvi has also warned of potential profit booking six months before or after the election and advised investors to be patient, considering the various factors that can affect the markets. Additionally, he has shared specific stock picks and investment strategies, such as recommending a buy-on-dips approach for certain stocks and advocating for specific mutual funds. Overall, his outlook reflects a balanced approach, taking into account both domestic and international market dynamics.

Anil Singhvi, a well-known market guru, has made several investment recommendations for 2024. Some of his picks and suggestions include:

Stock Investment Strategy of Anil Singhvi:

 Anil Singhvi has recommended a stock with the potential to double, suggesting investors to consider Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) on every 10% fall

Anil Singhvi Mutual Funds advice:

He has also provided guidance on mutual fund investments, particularly in mid-cap funds that have given more than 60% returns in 3 years. Additionally, he has discussed various categories of mutual funds, such as multi cap equity funds, contra funds, and balance advantage funds

Favorite Sectors of Anil Singhvi:

Anil Singhvi has revealed his favorite sectors for investment, including the defense sector and mid-cap mutual funds.

What are anil singhvi's top picks for stocks in 2024?

Anil Singhvi investment portfolio for 2024 includes recommendations for mutual funds and stocks. According to Zee Business, Anil Singhvi recommended a buy-on-dips strategy to invest in Indian markets and advised investors to stay away from growth stocks that are trading at steep valuations. Additionally, Anil Singhvi,  top stock picks for 2024 include companies such as


Anil Singhvi has recommended GMDC as his "PICK OF THE YEAR 2024," stating that the stock has the potential to double. He has advised investors to consider Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) on every 10% fall

Canara Bank:

Anil Singhvi has also suggested Canara Bank as a top pick for 2024, indicating that the stock can give a 70% return. He recommended investors to buy Canara Bank stocks for 1-3 years with specific price targets.

Few more Stocks Anil Singhvi has recommended for Long term Investment on Zee Business news channel.

  • M&M
  • TVS Motor
  • Britannia
  • HUL
  • Dr. Reddy's Labs

These are some of the key stock recommendations made by Anil Singhvi for the year 2024.


The information provided is sourced from Zee Business Channel and other research data, offering a comprehensive overview of Anil Singhvi perspectives and recommendations.

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