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Your Guide to DOMS Industries IPO: Dates, Prices, and Smart Investing Tips

 "Unlocking Investment Potential: A Deep Dive into DOMS Industries IPO - Date, Price, and Strategic Insights"

In the dynamic world of investment, opportunities arise that capture the attention of seasoned and novice investors alike. DOMS, a promising player in the Indian stationery and art materials manufacturing sector, is set to make waves with its Initial Public Offering (IPO).

 In this article, we delve into the details of the DOMS IPO, providing insights that investors need to make informed decisions.

What DOMS Industries ltd does & Promoter’s of DOMS Industries Ltd?

DOMS Industries ltd, has established itself as a frontrunner in the Indian stationery and art materials manufacturing industry. Known for its design, develop, manufacture, and sell a wide range of ‘stationery and art’ products, the company has garnered a loyal customer base and demonstrated robust financial performance, paving the way for its foray into the public market. The promoters of the company are Santosh Rasiklal Raveshia, Rajani Chandni Vijay Somaiya and Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini S.p.A, Sanjay Mansukhlal Rajani, Ketan Mansukhlal.

In which Segment DOMS Products are more in demand:

scholastic stationery,  scholastic art materials, hobby and craft,  fine art products paper stationery,  kits and combos,  office supplies,  .

DOMA IPO Overview:

Date and Venue:

The highly anticipated DOMS IPO is scheduled to take place on December 13 and will close on December 15.at BSE & NSE. Investors worldwide are eyeing this event, considering it a significant milestone for the company and an opportunity to be part of its future growth.

DOMS Issue Size and Price Band:

The IPO will see the issuance of fresh issue of 0.44 crore shares aggregating to Rs 350.00 crores and offer for sale of 1.08 crore shares aggregating to Rs 850.00 crores, with a price band ranging from 750rs to 790rs per share with lot size for an application is 18 Shares. This range is carefully determined based on various factors, including the company's valuation, market conditions, and growth prospects.

DOMS IPO Utilization of Funds:

·         The funds raised through the Fresh Issue of the IPO, calculated as the gross proceeds minus the allocated offer expenses, are intended to be utilized as follows:

·         Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities:

·         A portion of the Net Proceeds is earmarked to partially finance the establishment of a new manufacturing facility. This strategic move aims to enhance production capabilities, specifically focusing on a diverse array of writing instruments, watercolor pens, markers, and highlighters. The investment underscores the company's commitment to meeting growing market demands and expanding its product portfolio.

 General Corporate Purposes:

·         Another allocation of the Net Proceeds is dedicated to general corporate purposes. This versatile fund usage provides flexibility for the company, supporting various operational needs, potential growth opportunities, and overall corporate stability. The utilization for general corporate purposes ensures a well-rounded approach to managing the company's financial resources effectively.

By transparently outlining the utilization of funds, the company aims to instill confidence in investors, showcasing a prudent and strategic approach to capital deployment for both expansion and sustained corporate health.

What is Financial Performance DOMS:

Revenue and Profit Trends:

Prospective investors should take note of DOMS's financial performance over the past years. A detailed analysis of revenue growth, profit margins, and other financial indicators provides valuable insights into the company's stability and potential for returns.

Period Ended

September 2023

March 2023

March 2022

March 2021











Profit After Tax





Net Worth





Reserves and Surplus





Total Borrowing






The table presents an overview of essential financial metrics for the specified periods, encompassing assets, revenue, profit after tax, net worth, reserves and surplus, and total borrowing. These figures offer insights into the company's financial standing and performance across consecutive years.

DOMS Competitive Positioning:

In a competitive market, DOMS has managed to carve out a niche for itself. Understanding how the company positions itself against competitors is vital for investors seeking long-term value. Factors such as market share, product differentiation, and customer loyalty contribute to DOMS's competitive advantage.

Risks and Challenges for DOMS:

DOMS Industries brand is in more demand but mind it margins will not be very high, So moderate profit and revenues growth is expected in the coming years.

No investment comes without risks, and it's essential for investors to be aware of potential challenges. The DOMS IPO prospectus will outline risks specific to the company and the industry. Factors such as regulatory changes, market volatility, and industry-specific challenges should be carefully considered.

"Unlocking Value: A Comprehensive Guide to Deciding on DOMS IPO Subscription"

DOMS IPO subscribe or not:

The DOMS IPO presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and participate in the growth of a promising company. By understanding the key details outlined in this article, potential investors can make informed decisions and position themselves strategically in the ever-evolving financial landscape. If investors were giving higher value to the IPO like Paytm At the price range of above 1500rs per share then Why should you not apply for DOMS  Industries IPO ?

DOMS IPO is good for long term investment point of view and Investors can apply for DOMS IPO.


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