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What are the benefits of investing in Post Office RD Scheme

 What are the benefits of Post Office RD scheme ?

If you meet your future expenses and financial needs properly, then today's article is going to be very beneficial for you. Today we have brought such a scheme of Indian Post Office for the viewers of our website, in which your investment will be safe but along with that you will also get a fixed return. Today we will tell in which you can also earn money by investing the savings money in the right place. Today we will talk about Recurring Deposit (RD) which has always been known as a safe investment option to invest the savings money operated by the Post Office. Saving is very necessary to run and manage your future in a safe way and this helps every person to meet the contingency needs in future. Every person should invest his savings money in the right place and earn on it. Let us now understand how one can invest in RD scheme.


What is the minimum amount required to invest in RD scheme of Indian Post Office?


 If any person wants to invest in the RD scheme, then the post office RD scheme is giving the facility to start investing at just Rs 100 per month.


What is the annual interest rate benefit of Indian Post Office's RD scheme?


According to our research and according to the official website of the post office, at present, the post office RD is getting the benefit of 5.8 percent annual interest rate. Let us also tell you that tax is also payable on the interest earned from RD. If we talk about the speciality of RD scheme, then the interest rate in Post Office RD is compounded for three months.


Who can open his account in RD scheme?


Any person whose age is more than 18 years can get his account opened under the post office's RD scheme. Let us tell you that a joint account can also be opened in the RD scheme of the post office and a minor's account can also be opened on behalf of a guardian. Another feature of the RD scheme is that you can open as many accounts as you want in this scheme.


 How much amount can be deposited under RD scheme?


To invest in the post office RD scheme, you need to deposit Rs 100 in your account monthly.

For example:

  If a person's account is opened within the first 15 days of the month, then he will have to deposit the amount in the account by the 15th of every month. At the same time, if someone has opened the account in the last 15 days of the month, then he will have to deposit the amount before the last date of the month.


Can we also take loan under RD scheme?


The biggest advantage of the RD scheme is that in the RD scheme, you also get the benefit of taking a loan. If you have deposited your 12 instalments in RD scheme then you can apply for loan. According to the official website of the post office, a loan can be taken up to 50% of the amount deposited in your RD scheme account.

In nutshell, we can say that if you want to secure your future & looking for safe investment then Post office RD scheme is one of the best schemes at present time. One of the best part of this scheme is that you can take loan as well under this scheme. There are many investors those always try to find the saving schemes but they do not get right direction but your one visit to Indian post office after reading today article can give you best idea about your future saving plan.

As per our research, Post office RD scheme  has always been known as a safe investment option to invest the savings money. If you want to invest in RD scheme then post office RD scheme allows you to start investing with just Rs 100 per month.

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