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When International students can travel to Australia

When Australia will allow international students to travel?

Australia's now closed international borders have started exceeding 20 months. The biggest loss of this is happening to international students who have paid Australian universities fees in the solids of dollars. More than that, 485 visa holders have been harmed, they went to their home countries by taking a flight from Australia due many reasons like to their parents, relatives, functions, & someone lost their close family member in their home countries, but what did they know that because of covid 19 Australia will close the international borders for more than 18 months. The visas of some 485 visa holders, 491 visa holders and other skilled visa holders of Australia have already expired and some are about to.Last week for all these international students, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced in the media that he was going to reopen Australia's international borders. 

We had published news on our website few days back that Australia will reopen its international borders by November 2021 and maximum December 2021.

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Let us now know that if Australia is going to plant international borders, will it allow international students to travel from November 2021?

When International students can travel to Australia

Prime minister of Australia Scott Morrison Statement on Australia International borders reopening?

Prime minister of Australia Scott Morrison made a official statement into the Australia media that they had discussion with NSW new premier “Dominic Perrottet” for restarting international travel. Mr. Morrison had discussion with Premier “Dominic Perrottet” on home quarantine facility. From November 1st 2021, Australia is expected to reopen international borders for NSW or some other states of Australia with 1 week of home quarantine. Australia has administered more than 30 millions corona vaccines nationwide. It indicates that more than 82% eligible Australians have over the age of 16 years have  first dose of Covid vaccine and Nearly 62% or Australian have both doses of corona vaccine. It means More than half population have fully vaccinated. It is very good news.

Quantas  Airlines & FIJI Airlines will start its flights from Australia:

Australian airlines “Quantas” will start its first flight for “LA & London”. Also Australia will restart its flights for “FIJI” from 1st December 2021. FIJI Airways will restart its flights twice a day from Sydney to FIJI”


Can International Students Start Travel to Australia from November 2021?

If international students want answer of this question then is clear reply will be “NO”. Let us discuss the reason of it.

According to the Australian Prime Minister, he will allow Australian permanent residents and Australian citizens for their first travel. From this it is clear that till now nothing official statement has come on the travel plan of international students. Minister Scott Morrison said on International Students and Skilled Migrants that Australians would call International Students and Skilled Migrants but would prefer them only after Australian Permanent Residents & Australian Citizens.

In such a situation, there is little hope for international students that the Australian government is also thinking a little about international students and skilled migrants. Therefore, international students should not think for Australia travel till November 2021 and December 2021. If any state government of Australia will welcome international students, then up to a limit he is thinking of calling international students. So travel for international students should not be expected before Feb 2022. Even if Australia calls some international students under the pilot project, then it will not be a big deal. There is no question that the Australian government has started work for reopening international borders but still preference is for Australian residents & citizens first. International students should expect maximum numbers of their travel to Australia in the beginning of Feb 2022 or Start of the March 2022.  

Are Australian Universities sending invitations to international students for welcome them back?

A question many international students have been asking for a long time is whether Australian universities will send an email to international students in which they will tell whether they have been allowed travel or not? Something like this is coming in hearing from an international national student that they are receiving some emails from Australian universities. But our website is not confirming this news. If any student had received any email, then they will be advised to verify it from the official website of the university and the official email id. We have not received any such news till now.


Can Australian government welcome back 485 visa holders or skilled migrants on priority basis?

It is getting news from the sources that the Australian Government is planning to welcome 485 Visa Holders & Skilled Migrants as an initiative as there are many 485 Visa Holders who are stuck out of Australia since Feb 2020. The visas of many 485 visa holders have also expired and the visas of many 485 visa holders will be about to expire. So the Australian government may very soon announce some good news for 485 Visa Holders & Skilled Migrants. It would be a great thing if the Australian government takes some good decisions on this. It is also being heard that the decision on this can be taken very soon. If you speak in truth, then the Australian Government is now working very fast on Reopening International Borders. The Australian tourism sector, hospitality sector, and Australian universities have suffered substantial losses.

Which Australian state may first allow international students for travelling?

As we all in Australia, political stability has also started decreasing. The premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian also resigned. Let us tell you that Gladys Berejiklian was the first Australian minister who was in favour of allowing international students to travel. But it was unfortunate that the covid had broken out in the NSW, so the plan was put on hold. But now the government has ended the covid restriction and the corona vaccination rate in the NSW has become very high. Therefore, it is confirmed that NSW state of Australia that will call back international students first of all. Let us tell you that to travel in Australia; you will have to take both Corona's doses.

 New premier's "Dominic Perrottet" is also in favour of reopening of international borders. Last week, Dan Tehan, Australia's Monitor for Trade Tourism & Investment, said that international only in very small numbers. Students can be called till the end of 2021.

Can you travel to Australia if you have two doses of “Covishield vaccine”

There is lot of confusion int he mind of International students especially Indians , Pakistan, Nepal or other Asian countries students that if they have taken two doses of Covishield Vaccine then can they travel to Australia ? The Answer is “Yes”.  

How many international students can travel in NSW, Australia in the Pilot project?

It is expected to bring back 500 students to Sydney on chartered flights. It means there will not be commercial flights. Students may have to pay higher amount for their booking of International flights for Australia.

How many International students will be allowed by Adelaide, South Australia?

It is expected to bring back 160 International students in Adelaide, as per South Australia government. It is very small number of students.

Disclaimer: Please verify all requirements from Australian government official website before making any travel plan for Australia. 

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