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Polkadot crypto price prediction for coming months

 What is Polkadot Crypto & How Polkadot does work?

Polkadot Crypto is an open source sharding multichain protocol designed to facilitate cross-chain transfer of every types of data or assets, It is not just tokens. This process helps create a wide array of interoperable blockchains. That's why Polkadot is also eaten by sharded multichain networks. Polkadot was given this name because it is capable of processing multiple transactions on multiple chains (parachains) in parallel.

Who did Invention of Polkadot Crypto?

Polkadot Crypto is believed to be founded by the Web3 Foundation. The Web3 Foundation is the Swiss foundation that was established to create a simple open-source project and a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web facility. According to some reports the founders of Polkadot Crypto are Dr. Gavin Wood, Robert Hebermeyer and Peter Jaban. These two started work on the Hey Polkadot project first of all.

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How Polkadot token does work or Polkadot token purposes:

Polkadot main motive rests on these three processes such as providing network administration and operation and creating parallel chains by bonding. Dr. Gavin Wood is the president of the Web3 Foundation. Very few people would know that Dr. Gavin Wood has become world famous for making an impact in the industry as the co-founder of Ethereum, founder of Parity Technologies and the creator of the smart contract coding language called Solidity.

Polkadot crypto price prediction for coming months

Why Polkadot crypto is better than other cryptocurrencies: 

Polkadot  is a type of Custom blockchain & such types of blockchains are fast  and not difficult  to develop through the Substrate framework. Custom blockchain can be connected to Polkadot’s network within minutes. This kind of network is flexible and easy adapt, easy in sharing of information. Its working is like a participants similar to apps on a smartphone. The main function which is making Polkadot more popular  Its Upgrading system which is automatic & its doest not require fork  in order to implement new features or remove bugs.

The network governance system which helps to secure it. Communities can make changes in their blockchain’s governance on Polkadot based on their requirements and conditions.

Polkadot cryptocurrency price prediction (DOT)

Polkadot cryptocurrency is currently trade at the price level of $36.77 with the trading volume of last 24 hours of  more than USD $2,386,842,400 & market cap is more than USD  $36,003,345,400. We have already seen more than 8% up side movement in Polkadot cryptocurrency. It looks in uptrend on technical charts.

Polkadot cryptocurrency short term price predication: (DOT)

On technical charts Polkadot cryptocurrency is a giving buy signal. We maintain our Buy recommendation on Polkadot cryptocurrency at $36.77 with the stoploss of $33.75 closing basis & shaort term price target of Polkadot cryptocurrency is $38, $40, $42, $44, $46.80, $48.20 +.

Please note that holding period for meeting these price levels for Polkadot cryptocurrency is 1 to 2 months with given stoploss for traders.

Polkadot cryptocurrency Medium term price targets: (DOT)

Polkadot cryptocurrency is a buy for medium term investors with the Stoploss of $31.10 on closing basis & safe traders may keep strict stoploss of $29.20 for Polkadot cryptocurrency for medium term time period. Medium term price prediction of Polkadot cryptocurrency is $55.20 to $68.20++. But these price levels may comes in the comings months if Polkadot cryptocurrency will give close above $49.50 on closing basis.  It is advisable to crypto traders & crypto investors that raise your stoplosses as targets will be achieved.

  Long term Price targets for Polkadot cryptocurrency:

Long term prediction for Polkadot cryptocurrency looks very good. We are bullish on Polkadot cryptocurrency for long term point of view & we may see multiple price targets in Polkadot cryptocurrency in the coming years. Above, We have given the price levels of Polkadot cryptocurrency &  buy call for Polkadot cryptocurrency is activated from Current price of $36.77 with the given stoplosses . Polkadot cryptocurrency price predication for years 2022 to 2023 is more than $115. Price predicition for years 2024 to 2026 is more than $250+.

Note: Long term price predication in Polkadot cryptocurrency is on the basis of the network and the working process of Polkadot coin. Short term & medium term price prediction is purely on the basis of technical charts. Please follow the buying levels & Strict stoplosses for trading & investment point of view.  

Technical lower levels of Polkadot cryptocurrency:  

Polkadot cryptocurrency is sell below the price levels of $31.10 with the stoploss of $33.80 & lower level price levels of Polkadot cryptocurrency may take it to $28.20, $26.20, $24.20, $23.05 or below these levels up to $19.50.

Note: Traders should make short sell positions only if Polkadot cryptocurrency price  gives closing below$31.10 or $30.20 otherwise avoid short sell.



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