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Binance coin price prediction for year of 2022 to 2023

What Is Binance Coin ,BNB?

Binance crypto was first launched in July 2017. The name of the exchange Binance to show its new paradigm in world finance i.e Binary Finance/ Binance. Binance is a world 3rd famous cryptocurrency exchange having daily trading volume is more than $1,346,497,600 USD & Market cap of Binance crypto is more than $80,311,295,266 USD. Binance exchange had launched a complete ecosystem of functionalities for its customers. The vast network of Binance covers Trust Wallet, Binance Smart Chain,  Binance Chain ,Binance Academy, and Research projects which powered with blockchain technology which help to bring latest age finance to the world. It also include sub projects under brand name of Binance.

Binance coin price prediction for year of 2022 to 2023

Founders of Binance Coin, BNB?

Binance coin is firstly discovered by Changpeng Zhao who is CEO of Binance. In the year of 2001, Changpeng Zhao   had joined Bloomberg group as leader of tradebook futures development. Changpeng Zhao spent 4 years with the Bloomberg group after this he had joined Fusion Systems as business partner.

From last 8more than 8 years, Changpeng Zhao has been active with blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies. Changpeng Zhao had appointed as a head of development at Blockchain. Later on in the year of  2015,  Changpeng Zhao discovered BijieTech. In 2017, he publicly launched Binance, since 2017, Changpeng Zhao is a CEO of the Binance.

 Let us you know that the co-founder of binance exchange is He-YI & She is is w working as chief marketing officer at Binance. He-YI started her career as a TV anchor. He-YI was presenter on China Travel TV in 2012. But in the year of 2014, YI discovered OKcoin & it become biggest fiat to crypto exchange in China at that time.

Later on Changpeng Zhao & HE-YI both established world largest crypto exchange globally recognised by the name of Binance.

Why  Binance Coin Unique?

Binance coin is based on ecosystem of decentralized, blockchain networks. Binance has heighten  to be the foremost  crypto exchange in many  of countries, and their subsidiaries are attracting significant interest as well.

One major thing which gives advantages to  Binance as compared with other is binance  has is its drive for development. At present, Binance has established its services in numerous different spheres. As per Binance company website, Company motive is to become the infrastructure services provider for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

 Since the Binance Coin has launched into the crypto market, Binanc exchange has also benefited from enhancement of its investor or traders interest in the token. Binance, BNB has already seen  good movement in its coin price . It is the reason it is attracting new Crypto investors.

 Binance, BNB  price prediction for coming months:

As per the Technical charts of the Binance coin, BNB, it is clearly in bullish trend on short term & long term chart pattern. Current price of Binance, BNB is at 482.43 USD. If BNB price sustain above the price level of $465 in the coming days & BNB gives close above the price of $490 or $498 then we will see big rally in the Binance, BNB crypto. In the case, Price of BNB may reach up to the level of $515, $530, $548, $563, $579, $598 to $608 in the coming days or few weeks. In this trade BNB Traders should keep strict stoploss of $462 on closing basis.

Another Trading strategy in BNB Coin:

If BNB Coin Price gives closing above $612 in the coming months Then BNB Coin Price may reach up to the level of $650 to $675 in the coming months. In this trade, BNB Coin Traders & BNB Investors should raise their stoploss of $598.

Binance, BNB Coin Price prediction for the year of 2022 to 2023:

BNB Coin has huge potential in the future. It is the crypto exchange having strong grip on the crypto market. If Cryptocurrencies have great future then exchanges like binance has strong growth potential in the coming years. We have already discussed above regarding Binance business model. For the long term Investors of BNB Coin, it is better to accumulate BNB for at least 2 to 3 years point of view. In the recent few months we have already seen huge upside movement in the price of BNB Coin and Today since morning of 25-oct-2021. BNB Coin is trading at $482. If in the coming months Binance, BNB coin gives closing above $672 with great volume then the targets for the BNB Coin will be opened we may see multiple returns in BNB Coin in the coming months & years. As per our research BNB Coin price may reach $780 to $850+ in the coming months or years. But BNB traders & Investors should also follow strict stoploss of $502 or $498 for long term investment point of view.

Note: Above discussion is based on the Strict stop losses.  Traders & Investors have follow given Buying price levels for reaching the above price targets in the BNB Cryptocurrency.

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