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Uber technologies Inc stock price, should you buy or sell

 Uber technologies inc company growth outlook, 21 sept 2021:

Everyone must have heard the name of Uber technologies inc company.  Uber's company does business in Australia, USA, India and other big countries. The ride hailing group, the stock price has fallen by more than 35% if we compare it with the high price of February month. If we will talk about the previous few days 14th September to  15th then Uber stock price was going down from $ 39.80 to $38.13 then slowly it started its upside movement and reached at the price levels of $40.06 on  17th September 2021. As per the technical charts it was the highest price level in the last 1 week on charts. Uber technologies Inc.  Today Uber technologies ic stock price is trading around $ 42.80 plus. Market cap is more than $74.90 billion. Uber stock price generally trade in between the price range of #38.70 to #40.20. But Today , Uber technologies INC. Chief Executive Officer of the company, Dara Khosrowshahi  has given the uber company growth outlook after the covid 19 lock down. In his statement , he explained about the third-quarter outlook of the company performance . He guided the media about the Gross booking that may reach up to $22.3 billion to $ 23.2 billion. He also said that company financial performance is improving and expecting in fourth quarter Uber adjusted EBITDA should be in $0 to $ 100 million.

Uber technologies Inc stock price, should you buy or sell

Chief Executive Officer of the Uber company, Dara Khosrowshahi said that any crisis in the financial market or in any kind of market is always give better chance for adopting new opportunities . These things became true in the case of the Uber Company during the last year as well in the last six months. He said that Uber Technologies is on the right track at current time and heading toward approaching a significant milestone. If we will notice the uber stock price movement then  the shares of the UBER have declined by more than 17.3% during the last 3 months, while the S&P 500 SPX , it was increased by 3.2%.

Uber has become a reliable brand, if we check the records, then the company is doing good business in countries like USA, Australia etc. Uber Eats in Australia The demand for Uber-X is very high, similarly in the USA. In today's time people like to order for food delivery. But Uber's business had slowed down due to Covid 19 but that was a short term impact, now the company's management is expecting a good recovery. Uber's management's earnings forecast showed a recovery in the stock price. The growth of the company will be improved in the coming months too as corona vaccination drive in all countries is going very well and people are not much aware about this virus and taking much precaution to keep themselves more safe from this corona virus . Even companies are also strictly following the covid 19 restrictions and keep the sites hygienic. Employees of the companies are also following up the rules.

Lets try to find the answer of these questions on technical charts.

  • Technical Analysis of Uber technologies Inc Stock?
  • Uber technologies stock, should you hold or sell? 
  • Uber technologies Inc stock price, should you buy or sell ?
  • Can we invest in Uber technologies stock ? 

 what will the short to medium term price targets of uber technologies stock?

From last few days Uber technologies stock price is showing upside movement and today it reached up to the price level of $ 42.50. as per technical charts if uber stock price will not break the price level of $40.50 or $39.80 in the coming weeks then Uber stock price may go up to the price target level of $45 to $ 48. Investors or traders may keep stop loss of $39.80 on the closing bases and keep this stock into the investment portfolio.


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Disclaimer: The above discussion on Uber stock price is my personal view on stock . please do your own research before making any investment. My view may differ from other experts of the market. 

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