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International day of peace 21 September 2021 during covid pandemic

 Everyone wants peace in their life. Every person can get this peace only if he/she always keeps his/her heart and mind calm and motivates himself everyday to do good work. Human beings can live peacefully in the world only when they respect each other's feelings. "Mother Teresa" who received India's Nobel Peace Prize always used to say that "Peace always begins with a smile". That's why always respect everyone in the world, only then the other person will respect you. Only by doing this can peace be found.  Peace is necessary for a life for living & happiness.

Why UN’s International day of Peace celebrate:

 Let us now understand that International Day of Peace is celebrated. In 1981, the International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations General Assembly. Then after almost 20 years the International Day of Peace was voted to designate the Day as a period of non-violence and cease-fire. This decision was taken unanimously by the General Assembly. International Day of Peace is celebrated every year in the world on 21 September only. It is a day to work towards global harmony & world peace. Just like other popular days are celebrated in the world, similarly the International Day of Peace also gives a message that message is Peace, Love & Respect and Harmony.

International day of peace 21 September 2021 during covid pandemic

How can we all live in peace?

 Always respect your friends and you will always get respect from them. International Day of Peace is also celebrated in the world so that more and more awareness can be spread among the people about the importance of peace. If we also look at the history, then there is the First World War and even if the Second World War happened, what did the world get after that? Some experts also believe that the impact of these wars on the world can be seen till date. Many countries in the world also conduct conferences and meetings on International Peace Day so that the importance of this day can be told among more and more people and everyone can live peacefully together.

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How on  21- Sept- 2021, International day of peace should be celebrated:

Also, this day is dedicated to peace of world & specifically, the absence of war & violence.  This year 2021, the theme of for world peace day is “Recovering better for an equitable & sustainable world”.

Conferences are also organized in schools and colleges on International Peace Day in the world. This is done so that what is the value of the piece in the students can be told so that the future can be secured. Together we can make this world a "Place of Peace". In 2021, covid19 has caused a lot of damage to the world. Everyone will have to fight against corona virus together, only then can victory be achieved and peace can come again in the world, when the world emerges from the epidemic like covid19, then only we will be able to celebrate all the popular days together. We all should pray to God that the corona virus will end soon from the world and people all over the world can live their lives in peace.


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