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National Nutrition Week 2021

 Why National nutrition week had started & When National nutrition week had started:

National Nutrition Week was initiated in March 1973 by the individuals from the American Dietetic Association (presently the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) to convey the nutrition instruction message to the general population while promoting the calling of dietetics. In 1980 the general population showed incredible reaction towards it and the weeklong festival extended to turn into a drawn out recognition.

In the year 1982 National Nutrition week festivity was begun by the Central Government in India. The mission was begun to spread mindfulness and empower individuals as a general public to comprehend the significance of nutrition and embrace a sound, sustainable way of life. We as a whole realize that malnutrition is one of the main obstacles in the general advancement of the country which is important to beat it and to control it National Nutrition Week is commended.

                         National Nutrition Week 2021

Importance of National Nutrition Day:

Nutrition is the science of choosing the right foods and using them in the right way. This science needs to be understood properly. It is very important to explain what we should eat in our daily diet and how we should use food stuffs. There are many such food items from which we get proper nutrition. National Nutrition Day is celebrated every year in the first week of September month. That is, from 1st September to 7th September, this National Nutrition Day is celebrated. The purpose behind celebrating this day is that people should be motivated to eat more and better diet so that their health is good. The health of every person can be good only if he eats good food. May everyone's mind remain calm and be happy. If the health is good then it is obvious that the mind will also get peace and happiness will always be there. Respected Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi  ji also said in his popular program "Mann Ki Baat" while addressing the people that every year the month of September will be celebrated as Nutrition Month

If every child will get good nutrition, then every child's brain will develop well and he will achieve the set goals of his life very soon. The Government of India is making every effort to ensure that every member gets good food in every household. If we talk that we get all the nutrients only by eating food, then it will not be proper, for this every person will have to eat proper food in which vitamins, minerals & salts are included in the right amount.

 Let us now also know what the benefits of nutrition diet are:

Maintain body weight:

 One advantage is that the human's weight remains normal. In today's time, every youngster and middle age person also wants to maintain their weight.

Boost immune system:

The advantage of eating a nutrient diet is that the immune system remains good. If we look recently, then the corona virus has caused a lot of damage in the world, to avoid this, advice is given to keep the immune system right, from the health experts sitting on the media channels. It is also a good thing that people are being encouraged to take the right diet. But always on the advice of good health experts, a diet chart should be made.


It provides energy to human body. Milk, Fruits, nuts are the common examples which provide enough energy to human body.  


Nutrient diet also protects the human body from chronic diseases.

Brief discussion on Malnutrition:

 It is an actual condition of an uneven sustenance level. It tends to be because of under nutrition or over nutrition. Do you realize that under nutrition can be caused because of an absence of calories, protein, or different nutrients? Then again, over nutrition is eating such a large number of calories. Somebody eats a bigger number of calories than their body needs and prompts the malnourished condition. Perhaps they are not eating nutritious food like natural products, vegetables, proteins, entire grains, and so forth, which can bring about vitamin, mineral, or protein inefficiencies. Malnutrition particularly in little youngsters can prompt hindered development, formative postponements, and more afflictions because of helpless immune capacity. It is significant that malnutrition is analyzed in a convenient way.

It has been seen many times that eating foods high in protein, eating foods with more carbohydrates and eating more fruits also have a bad effect on human health. Many people take too much of calories, that is the only harm. For this always a right diet should be taken. We should make a report card of our diet, similar to the report card that we used to get in school time. When to eat and what is good food, all should be noted and everyone can take a good diet.

In nutshell, we can say that every person should take healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, milk, nuts, water etc are the best for the human body. Every person should not do over eating; it may have bad impact on human body. Balance diet is best for every person. Always take health experts advice regarding your balance diet. Regular exercise, yoga, morning walk, gym should be the part of the human life. Exercise in Gym & yoga should do under the guidance or observation of the experts of this field.

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Disclaimer: Always discuss diet charts with doctors & health experts.


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