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Best cryptocurrency exchanges in India

 In today's time everyone invests in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is becoming the best choice for investors as well as for traders. There was a time when people used to think before investing in crypto currency, but now the time has come when people search for best cryptocurrency broking companies for investment. Today we will talk about the best cryptocurrency platforms, these companies provide the platform of buying and selling in cryptocurrencies, but keep in mind that before selecting any company, you should also do your own research, because cryptocurrency is a digital currency and there are no government regulatory norms involve in such currencies. But if seen, risk is there in every financial products but the difference is so much that other financial products have government regulation norms. Let us now discuss about some companies and crypto currency exchanges.

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Now let's talk about those exchanges which are providing the best platforms of cryptocurrency in India.

                             Best cryptocurrency exchanges in India

WazirX exchange:

 Talking about this company, it was discovered in 2017 after that it was bought by the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance Holdings. Security is also being provided and speaking in SN words, the company is promising a safety feature to its clients, in which the client feels safe in the whole process of money transfer to currency buying and selling.

Deposit & Withdrawing Charges of Wazirx:

 For every investor and trader, the charges on buying and selling are always important. To start trading in cryptocurrency, the customer has to first transfer the amount from the bank account to the company's account. The customer can buy and sell the crypto currency. Wazirx provides mobile application through which you can transfer funds online and for that approximately customer has to get 4 to 6rs in between deposit charges, these charges keep on changing time to time. On the other hand, if we talk about Bitcoin, then .0006 Bitcoins have to be done, if spoken in easy language, then only 2200rs have to be paid. In this, by giving an example of Bitcoin, it is being explained for the withdrawal charges.

Maker fee or charges:  The Company charge this amount when client execute its order partially and order will be executed after sometimes.

wazirX Maker charges:  This company charges nearly 0.21%

Taker fees or charges:  The company charge this amount when clients execute its order  instantly.

WazirX Taker Fees: This Company charge nearly same 0.20%

CoinDCX exchange:

This company is running its operations from Mumbai. As per the company management, this company has more than 5 millions clients from all over the world. This company is very famous among Indian investors, this company charges low trading fees from its clients, when it comes to deposit charges, it is zero and when it comes to withdrawal amounts. 0005 butts charges which are almost similar to Wazirx. But there are no deposit charges in this which is a good thing for hey investors.

Maker charges: 0.12%

Taker charges: 0.12%

Coinswitch Kuber:

In the event that anyone is new to the cryptocurrency market then this company or exchange this allows trade to begin exchanging with just Rs 100. CoinSwitch Kuber offers in excess of 100 different forms of cryptocurrencies and has more than 4 million clients.

If we will talk about the CoinSwitch exchange the it  was established in 2017 as a worldwide aggregator of cryptographic forms of money. This exchange started its operations of cryptocurrency trading in June 2020 and kept the name of the exchange is coinswitch Kuber. The trade is upheld by financial backers including Sequoia, Ribbit Capital and Paradigm.

Deposit charges: Zero

Maker Fee: Zero

Taker fee: Zero

But this company has some hidden charges which is nearly 2% for buying or selling of currency.


Unocooins exchange was the first exchange launched in India for trading in the cryptocurrencies. It was first launched in the year of 2013. As per the company management, it has more than the 1.4 million clients. The trade permits its clients to purchase or sell Bitcoin with INR. Brokers are likewise furnished with an uncommon bitcoin address that auto sells Bitcoin.

Another striking component of the trade is that it permits its clients Recharge and Top Up wallets and use Bitcoins to recharge its mobile phone services  and DTH using services which is the best thing. It likewise upholds a Merchant Gateway framework that permits online organizations to acknowledge Bitcoins as a method of instalment. While these are a portion of the well known cryptocurrency exchanges, one should search for highlights like security, exchange expense and validity of the trade prior to doing any exchanges.


Maker Fess: nearly 0.4%

Taker fee: nearly 0.6%

Trading fee:  Approximately .05% to .07%

Withdrawal fee: Zero

Deposit fee: bank transaction charges

It seems bit expensive but the other offerings of the company are looking good.


This company is very famous with Indian investors those invest into the cryptocurrencies. Once a customer will visit to the company website then he/she needs to register his/her mobile number for KYC quick process, it is very easy for anyone. As per the company management approximately 2/3 investors of India started its cryptocurrency trading with Zebpay mobile application or on company website.

Maker fee: 0.12% nearly

Taker fee:  0.25% approximately

Deposit charges: 5rs to 15rs nearly

Withdrawal charges: 0.0006BTC or nearly 2k

But this company also charge for monthly membership fee which is nearly the INR value of less than 2k but company assured to its customers that if any customer do one trade in a month then monthly membership charged amount will be refunded.

Binance exchange:

This company claims that the cryptocurrency has more than 2bn volume and more than 14 million daily transactions.

Trading charges: 0.1% per trade

Maker fee: 0.10%

Taker fee: 0.10 %

Deposit fee: Zero

Currency conversion charges also applied because it is international company and provide trading platform from overseas.

In nutshell, we can say that every exchange of cryptocurrency has different charges, some charge bit low and other exchanges charge bit high. In this article Discuss the name of the exchanges those are in demand in India. You many analysis the facts and take your own decision after your deep research on these companies.

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