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Company Profile:

Shiva Texyarn is  Associate in Indian fabric manufacturing company based mainly in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. the company produces yarn, textiles, textiles, dry sheets and residential fabrics in the Asian nation. Shiva Texyarn banned is likely to be a Government installed between 28 and 1980 in 1980. It is classified as a non-govt company and registered with the Registrar of Firms, Coimbatore. Its share capital approved by Rs. 220,000,000 and its fee is Rs. 129,627,128. included in a separate financial appeal. Shiva Texyarn prevent the production and marketing of cotton thread, and technologies and other value purchase of the piece of real estate in the nation of Asia and other countries . the company's offers are cordial, card-based and integrated; bolts and fine thread; fast dry goods; fast-moving products, and mattress protectors; and child trafficking. In turn it offers curtains for doors, windows, and showers, however as a ceremonial cover; clothing, lightweight shells, seamless closures, many separate strands, woolen items and piles, and breathable film adhesives; as well as extreme weather clothing, high-altitude climbing gloves, extreme weather gloves systems, and internal and external frame. in addition, the companies that supply bedding are varied, such as sheets, quilt sheets, and woolen bedding; bedroom items including pinafores, pot holders and tablecloths; bath, wipe, and swimming towels; acrylic sales, 94 atomic sales number, and textile art and digital canvas products; and responsibilities, such as sports and college sports, and women and responsibilities with residency and photography skills under the WULF name. the company was founded in 1980 and established in Coimbatore, India. Shiva Texyarn Ltd. is part of the well-known group of Bannari Amman firms, an industry-leading combination of interest in fields ranging from textiles and education to alternative power generation and automotive manufacturing. Banner Amman Spinning Mills, part of the collection, is one of the largest textile companies in the South. The focus on strong infrastructure has been one of the key factors in the wake of Shiva Texyarn's unique growth. the company has 2 spinning industries, each located in the province. The Dindugal spinning unit, which started in 1989, includes thirty-nine forces, 072 spindles and the capacity to produce twenty volumes of cotton steel per day. Spinning unit II in Karanampettai, Tiruppur district, which started in 2009, has fifty, 400 spinning knots and produces 100% cotton thread inside the counting spots from Ne. 16s to Ne. 40s. the assembly capacity is thirty-eight tons of cotton metal per day. The unit has Associates in Nursing array of advanced equipment, as well as blasting machines and cards from Truetzchler European country, comber and drawframe from Rieter Svizzera, ring frames with autodoffer from the LMW Asian nation, linkconer from Murata, Japan, and testing equipment from Uster, Svizzera. Phases of weaving, covering and wire protection are also found in Karanampettai. a fashionable wardrobe allows the company to offer a wide range of goods with acrylic camera, PU camera, creative canvas and digital canvas, line of individual work in Indian and export markets. As part of the lamination division, Shiva Texyarn includes its own water-based Gravure roll-based system. The unit will integrate a wide range of materials to accommodate high-quality applications, military, foreign, water / unemployment applications, and nightwear applications. Shiva Texyarn had established the Associate in Nursing unit for specialized production in Ganeshapuram for professional textiles in 2012. The fashion division of the company process is located in the SIPCOT industrial area in Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Financials of the company: 

At Current market price company is trading at EPS of 9.66,with cash EPS of 18.95. with face value 10.market cap of company 80.04 with Dividend yield (%) 3.24. Industry P/E 5.19 Stock is Trading in Both Exchanges BSE and NSE. Bse code:511108, NSE symb. :Shivatex.

 My Personal View:

Company is really doing very well. If I will discuss about the financials of the company then it looks very promising. Consumption theory will play vital role in the growth of Indian economy in coming years. Textile sector also contribute to Indian economy. Total Assets of 396.88 against negligible debt on company balance sheet. It is Excellent buying opportunity at current levels. Recently circuit limit for this stock has been changed from 5% to 10% and stock is in Upper circuit from last few trading sessions. Company with Multibagger potential from Textile Sector. Many Fund Managers also have Eye on this company. Many Broking companies Clients have good buying positions in this company which will be increased after extension of Circuit limits. The company share price is trading at average valuation. The demand for the product of the company will increase. The growth story of the India is good. Especially in textile consumption sector. Due to the modernization in India will give better opportunities to companies in their expansion plans. The govt has also focus on modernization of India.. The textile sector will be more in focus in India for coming many years. There is no any question that the competition in the market will increase. In such scenario, The Company having strong products and strong management will win the race. Because the strong management know how to set brand positioning of their products into the mind of the customers.

Disclaimer:  Please do your own research before making any investment decision. My View may differ from others views. The company profile Data has sourced from company website but the view on company stock is personal.


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  1. Yesterday Shivatexyarn hit new 52 week High . I hope All Blog Readers and Followers enjoying profit in this research also.

  2. Shiva texyarn@101rs , 52week High on 26 nov 2015. Another multibagger stock for my blog readers and fr my all followers


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