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How to break your child's habit of playing online games

 "Are Online Games Harming Your Child's Future? Understanding the Detrimental Effects on Career and Health"

Nowadays, children spend most of their time playing. But is this right for children? Every parent knows the answer to this, but still today's parents are not able to stop their children from playing online games. If we say that nowadays parents do not have enough time to pay attention to their children's career and when it gets out of their hands, then later the parents start blaming the society. But have parents ever thought that the race to earn money has distanced them from their children and that is why these days they do not even listen to their parents and ignore their advice. These days, people have made it their personal preference not to go out to the ground and play games, but children do not know how bad this thing is going to affect their health in the future. Many parents go to doctors and report that they speak even at night while sleeping and many times they wake up out of fear and start crying and get scared. Let us tell you that the reason for this is also being considered to be playing online games because the characters seen in online games get stuck in the minds of children and many times it has also been seen that in real life children follow those characters. They try to impose those negative characters on others in real life.

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Let us understand in today's article how online gaming is spoiling the physical and mental health of your children. We will also tell you how parents can lovingly make their children develop the habit of playing online games and can also make them stop this habit after some time.

How Online Games make negative impact on your children career as well as Health?

"Protecting Your Child's Future: The Damaging Effects of Online Gaming on Career and Health"

Addiction and excessive time spend in front to screen:

Most of the children spend more time in playing Games which will distract them from other important activities like

  • School home work: Low marketing in the School exams or class tests
  • Social Circle: Less communication with people or same age group of kids
  • Physical activities: Playing games in the ground or street

Many Children’s have excessive screen time for playing Games and it can lead to Health problems like

  • Less sleep cycles
  • Mentally stress: Only think or talk about Online Games
  • Obesity: More eating Habit
  • Cognitive abilities: More negatively impact on Cognitive activities

Major Health Issues Due to playing Excessive online Games:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Sedentary nature

Major Mental Health Issues Due to excessive Playing of Online Games:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Limited face-to-face social interactions
  • Communication skills
  • Less empathy

Serious Negative Impacts of playing excessive online Games:

Exposure to inappropriate content in Online Games:

Many popular games contain themes of violence, crime, sexual exploitation, and other mature content that can negatively influence children's thinking & attitude. Moreover, The  perceptions of your children’s can change in the reality.

How to limit children's online gaming time?

Some key strategies for limiting children's online gaming time as follow:

Spend more time with you Children’s:

It is one of the best strategy because the more you will spend time with your children’s  quickly your children’s will leave this bad habit of spending more time for playing online Games.

Set time limits:

Establish a daily or weekly time limit for Playing online Games gaming time.

 For example, 1 hour per day or 4 hours per week is more than sufficient if you allow them to play Online Games &  try to increase this strategy on Weekends or holidays more.

Enforce these limits consistently and avoid exceptions, even during holidays or weekends.

Controls and monitoring of children’s:

Politely, Ask your children’s to about the School home work and monitor their reactions or interest on it. If Children’s have no focus on this activity then give them some more time and try to involve with them more.

Encourage children’s for Social activities:

Make family plans and take your children’s to Play grounds, On Events, Family functions, Zoo and other places where they want to go.

Educate children’s on healthy gaming habits:

Try to find best time with your children’s and educate them about the negative impacts of Excessive playing of online Games & take your conversation toward the importance of moderation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ask about Children’s ole Model’s:

Try to discuss the real life struggle stories of Sports players. It will motive your children’s to Play games into the Ground and achieve their Goals.

In Conclusion, We can say that Parents role will be vital in the life of children’s and All Parents should not only focus on earning money but also focus on the career & health of their children’s. Always try to manage time and spend more time with your children’s. If Parents will spend more time with their children’s then Bright future of their children’s are on their way.

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