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BJP Focus on Hotel Industry: Top Hotel Stocks

 "Driving Growth in the Indian Hotel Sector: Key Performance Indicators and Factors to Consider"

Indian Economy is on the right track & BJP Government is taking Indian economy into the right direction from last 10 years. Prime minister of India has also announced recently into Speech before Lok Sabha Elections 2024 that If BJP Government will comes into the power in Lok sabha elections 2024 then they will more focus on Tourism sector. If BJP government will be able to implement its plan then we will see huge growth into the Hotel sector stocks.

Key performance indicators for hotel sector companies in India:

  • Occupancy Rate: It is important for hotels to utilize rooms occupancy
  • Revenue per Available Room: It is important to calculate revenue generated per available room.
  • Gross Operating Profit per Available Room
  • Customer Or Guest Satisfaction
  • Percentage of returning customers
  • Working Employees satisfaction

Factors Influencing the Growth of the Indian Hotel Industry:

Economic Stability:

It is most important factor because if there will be a economic stability in India then it will allow policy makers to invest more into the Tourism sector. Otherwise, Any sort of fluctuations can impact travel and tourism trends.

Big Market Competition:

It is crucial for assessing the potential growth and profitability of investments for Understanding the competitive landscape within the hotel industry.

Selection of Location:

It is important to focus on factors like accessibility, local transportation, and increase demand because The location of a hotel plays a significant role in its success.

Best Service Quality:

Hotel Industry has to focus on strong management team and a guest-centric culture  because it is important  for long-term relationship.

Management Efficiency:

Hotel Industry & Government has to focus on generating more employment for skilled workers to ensure efficient operations and profitability.

Focus on People and Culture:

It is important to create good culture within hotel for ensuring quality guest service because it will lead to long term profitability and good customer relationship. Therefore, it is important to take support from the right people for establishing good environment.

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List of Hotel sector stocks in India in which you can invest for Long-term:

  1. Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHC): Market cap of 44,593 Crores, P/E: 225.39
  2. EIH Ltd. (East India Hotels): Market cap of 11,881 Crores, P/E:  151.34
  3. Chalet Hotels Ltd: Market cap: 7,926 Crores
  4. Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd: Market cap: 6,639 Crores
  5. Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd: Market cap: 5,552 Crores

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation):

While not specifically a hotel stock, IRCTC is a noteworthy player in the tourism sector, with strong fundamentals and government backing, making it an attractive investment option

List o Tata Group Hotel companies list on Indian stock Exchange:

  1. Benares Hotels
  2. Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL

Renowned Brands:



How the BJP Government Focus on Tourism Will Boost the Indian Hotel Sector?

Indian hotel industry has a good future in India. The BJP Government has allocated Rs 2,449 crore to promote business and conference tourism in India, with a focus on developing iconic tourist destinations and marketing them globally. The government's plans for port connectivity, tourism infrastructure, and amenities on India's islands, including Lakshadweep, will generate employment and boost the tourism sector.  Indian border security is getting tighter due to this reason tourism from other countries are also coming to India due to this reason Hotel Industry growth is expected to increase in the coming years. It is also important to note that Indian government has also focus on the Indian hotel Industry because Indian Prime minister in his latest Speech said that Hotel Industry is offering lot of Job Opportunities in India. Therefore, in the coming years, Indian Hotel Industry may offer the best opportunities in Hotel Stocks for long term investment.

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