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Vijay Kedia Winning Formula: His Latest Portfolio Moves

 Vijay Kedia Winning Strategy: A Fresh Look at His Latest Portfolio Moves

Vijay Kedia investment strategy revolves around the SMILE, We can say that this Indian Investors always keep smile on his face whether his Portfolio is performing well or not. All Indian Investors and traders should always lern these skills if they want to become successful trader or investor in the Stock market.  IF we will talk more about Vijay Kedia then He emphasizes long-term investing, prioritizing companies with transparent and competent management. As per Vijay Kedia some of his interview’s , he said that he always  avoid his dependence on the stock market for daily needs, and maintaining a balanced mindset during market fluctuations & we can understand from this approach that he is a long term investor with positive mind set and trust on his research. 

Identifying fundamentally strong companies with growth potential is the main approach of
Vijay kedia in the Stock market. The current portfolio value of Vijay Kedia in 2024 is 1,244.07 Crores. Now Let us understand some of his buying or selling from his Current Portfolio as per the latest Data available with us after doing research on it.

Vijay Kedia has sold the following stocks from his portfolio in 2024:

  1. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd
  2. Ramco Systems Ltd
  3. Talbros Automotive Components Ltd
  4. Neuland Laboratories Ltd
  5. Cera Sanitaryware Ltd
  6. Heritage Foods Ltd

Vijay Kedia has added following shares to his Portfolio in 2024:

  1. Innovators Facade Systems Ltd
  2.  Atul Auto Ltd: Holding value of 287.7 Cr with 5,802,017 shares held
  3.  Elecon Engineering Company Ltd: Holding value of 144.0 Cr with 1,650,000 shares held.
  4.  Precision Camshafts Ltd
  5.  Repro India Ltd
  6. Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd
  7.  Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd
  8.  Vaibhav Global Ltd
  9. Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd
  10. Om Infra Ltd.: Holding value of 31.3 Cr with 2,465,912 shares held.
  11. Patel Engineering Ltd: Holding value of 72.3 Cr with 13,000,000 shares held.

How has vijay kedia's portfolio performed in the last year?

Vijay Kedia portfolio has performed remarkably well in the last year, with several stocks showing significant growth. Some of the top performers in his portfolio include:

  • Om Infra: Rose by 271% in 2023.
  • Patel Engineering: Increased by 255% in 2023.
  • Innovators Facade Systems: Gained 231% in 2023.
  • Neuland Laboratories: Saw a growth of 219% in 2023.
  • Talbros Automotive Components: Increased by 168% in 2023.

These impressive returns on his investments have contributed to the overall success of Vijay Kedia portfolio, showcasing his skill and expertise in stock selection and investment strategies.

what is vijay kedia advice for long-term investing?

Vijay Kedia  is a long term investors in Indian stock market.  We all have noticed that whenever Vijay Kedia  come on to the Business news channels then he always talk about the long term investment.  He always do focus on prioritizing competent management, investing in fundamentally strong companies with growth potential. As per Vijay Kedia, Stock market is not a place from where Investors and traders can fulfill their daily needs. He also advice that maintaining a balanced mindset during market fluctuations is a one of the key of success. Therefore, patience, knowledge, courage, and the importance of staying invested in companies with promising future prospects over extended periods to generate impressive returns is a best policy according to Vijay Kedia.

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