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Azim Premji portfolio 2024 and his Success story

 On our website (Multibagger stock Ideas, PS group), We always bring Latest information about  the current portfolio status of big Indian Investors so that our Website followers always keep themselves up to date because many investors always like to invest into the stocks in which Big Investors make their investments.

Today, we will discuss the current portfolio if Indian Investor “Azim Premji” who’s net worth comes second after Rakesh Jhunjhunwala association.

"Azim Premji: From Consumer Products to IT Giant - A Journey of Success"

Background of Azim Premji:

Born: 1945 in Mumbai India

Net worth: RS 2.30 lakh crore & sixth richest person in India

Azim Premji  had Started his first business in 1966 after the death of his father.  Azim Premji had expanded his family business in the age of 21 year & he jumped into consumer products like shoes, soap, and lightbulbs and hydraulic cylinders.

In 1977, he decided to go into the computer business & in 1979; Indian government had asked IBM to leave India. Azim Premji had renamed his company name into Wipro ltd and he focused a lot on the computer business because he was expecting boom in Computer technology sector in India.

How Azim Premji became a Successful Investor?

"Discover Azim Premji's Investment Strategy: Insights into the Portfolio of a Billionaire"

Azim Premji had also a best talent of hiring the best people of computer industry and providing them excellent skills training. Due to this talent Azim Premji had also taken the advantage of well educated software developers by offering them good salaries and nice working environment. Azim Premji  had focused on developing custom software for export, primarily to the United States. It was the turning point of his career and this software development business made Wipro highly lucrative.

Under Azim Premji leadership skills, Wipro Company transformed from a $2 million Consumer food product company into an IT, BPO, and R&D services organization generating over $9 billion in revenue with a global presence. The value of Wipro skyrocketed in the late 1990s, making Azim Premji one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world, a position he has retained well into the 21st century.

What is the current portfolio of Azim Premji in 2024?

"Inside Azim Premji's Portfolio: Unveiling the Investments of India's Sixth Richest Person”

Wipro Ltd:

Azim Premji has still 72.8% holding in Wipro ltd which worth around RS182, 406 crores & it is Azim Premji flagship IT services Provider Company. Azim  Premji  Associates had decreased its minor stake in wipro ltd which was nearly by 0.03% over the last year.

It looks surprising that how A Vegetable oil company owner become a king of IT technology but there is harwork and smart work behind this success.

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Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd:

Consumer sector was a liking of Azim Premji so he decided to invest in the Balrampur chini mills ltd and stock of this company become multibagger in the couple of months. It shows that trust of Investors in the Azim Premji.  Premji and Associates Company holds nearly 1.3% stake in this sugar manufacturing company i.e Balrampur chini mills ltd. This move also helped him to diversify his portfolio.

From which stocks Azim Premji have taken the exit?

Azim Premji Associates Company had sold its holding in two companies. The list of these two companies is below.

 Tube Investments of India Ltd:

 Premji and Associates Company previously held a 1.5% stake in this engineering conglomerate, but now they have since exited this investment.

Trent Ltd:

Premji and Associates previously held a 1.1% stake in this Tata Group retail company, but have also exited this investment.

In Conclusion, We can say that Azim Premji always has a long term investment strategy & his focused on predicting the future made him successful investor. Investing into fundamental strong companies has also increased his wealth. Premji  portfolio also reflects his commitment toward the social responsibility, with investments in companies that prioritize sustainability and stakeholder welfare.

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