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Why did the Indian cricket team lose the World Cup final match 2023

Main reasons for Indian cricket team's defeat

Cricket World Cup 2023 was such a World Cup in which the Indian cricket team played very good cricket and reached the final. The Indian cricket team will never forget the defeat in the World Cup 2023. If you look at it, luck plays a big role in this world. Teams with good luck always win big tournaments, but teams that play poorly always lose the World Cup. But how long will this continue? Is the World Cup won by luck? If we look at all the matches of World Cup 223, we were getting indications of this long ago but those indications remained silent with the victory of the Indian team. If seen, the Indian batting line struggled against the teams of England and Australia, but the bowling of the Indian team always supported the Indian team and took it to victory. Let us try to understand today the main reasons why the Indian team lost in the World Cup 2023.

Was losing the toss in the final match the main reason for losing the World Cup final match?

If we think that losing the toss was the main reason then we are all wrong. If the batsmen of the Indian cricket team had played like Rohit Sharma, perhaps the Australian team would not have been able to chase a big score. This happened because the target of 350 runs would have been very difficult for the Australian team to chase in the final match of the World Cup.

Did the Indian team trust Shubhman Gill, Surya Kumar Yadav and Shrey Iyar too much?

Yes, the Indian cricket team and management has shown a lot of confidence in Shubman Gill. Gill's batting performance has been going badly for a long time. Shubman Gill has not performed since the World Test Championship. Shubman Gill's performance in the round and knock round matches against good teams has been very ordinary. Now the time has come that the Indian team management should find an alternative to Shrey Iyer, Surya Kumar Yadav and Gill should be selected in the Indian team on the basis of performance in domestic matches. If we analyze the final, Rohit Sharma did the opening very well and Shubman Gill should have just rotated the strike but Gill did not do so and got out after hitting a wrong shot. Iyar's way from the beginning is that in 2 months, he plays four matches against ordinary teams and because of this, he gets to play 5 more matches. Surya Kumar should now be shown his way out of the ODI team because all the teams in the world have understood that Surya has only a few shots which he can play. In such a situation, the Indian Cricket Board will have to talk to all these players. Otherwise, young players who are performing well domestically should be given a chance to play in the team.

Did Rohit Sharma want Mohammed Siraj to bowl in place of Kuldeep Yadav and Jadeja when three Australian players were out?

If seen, Rohit Sharma has also made a mistake. If he had made Mohammed Siraj bowl at that time when three players of the Australian team were out, then there would have been more pressure on the Australian team because the fast bowlers were swinging the bowl in the beginning. Had Siraj lost 1 and 2 wickets, the Australian team might not have been able to make a comeback in the match. We can understand that Rohit Sharma, understanding the onslaught of onslaught, started the spinners early but this was not the right decision.

Now what should Indian cricket do to win the next ODI World Cup Ot T20 world cup?

The Indian Cricket Board will have to think very seriously as to which players are needed by the Indian team for the upcoming tournaments and which players should be shown the way out now?

Can Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma play next World Cup?

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have performed very well in the World Cup 2023 and the Indian Cricket Board should keep these two players in the next World Cup team and along with them, young players should be given place in the team so that the young players can improve their chances. We can learn something from them and both these players get a chance to retire equally in the upcoming World Cup. Such players are not found often.

We want to tell you that we are always with our Indian team, the Indian team has played very well but the fans of the Indian team and all the people who love cricket are heartbroken and this defeat in the World Cup is probably due to the Indian team. May the team never forget. For how long will we keep saying that our players are the best in the world, but whenever an ICC tournament comes, the Indian team always disappoints everyone. We hope that in the upcoming ICC Championships, the Indian team will come up with a better strategy and our Rohit Sharma & Virat will get the support of all the young players of the team and we will win the next World Cup.

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