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Bajaj consumer care - multibagger stock for 2023

 Multibagger stock for 2023 year: Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd 

Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd. is such a company, its products must have been used by everyone at one time or the other. Mr. Kushagra Bajaj is the Non-Executive - Non Independent Director-Chairperson of the company and Mr. Jaideep Nandi is the Executive Director-MD of this company.

Bajaj Consumer Care Domestic  Product Portfolio:

Bajaj Consumer Care Company has completed 70 years in the Indian market and is one of the most trusted FMCG companies with wide range of hair, beauty, and personal care products and most famous product brand names Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil , Nomarks, Bajaj 100% Pure Coconut Oil. Brahmi Amla, Sarson Amla, Bajaj  AntiWrinkle Creams, Bajaj Cocoa Onion Oil, Bajaj Jasmine hair oil and Many More.

Bajaj Consumer Care Products International Presence:

The company has more than 33 countries presence. As per company management statement, the are planning to expand its business across 175 countries. Focusing on SAARC, ASEAN, Gulf & Middle East and African regions, the company has built a strong brand in UK, EU as well as establishes the business in South America & North America.

Few of the famous international brands of Bajaj Consumer Care are Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil , Bajaj Coconut Hair Oil , Bajaj Cool Almond Hair Oil , Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturizing Soap , Bajaj Almond Serum with Oil, Bajaj Ayurvedic  nomarks Face Scrub , Bajaj Nomarks Soap , Bajaj Lastmarks Face Wash , Bajaj Nomarks Hand Sanitizer Etc.

Fundamental & Financial Analysis of Bajaj Consumer care:

BSE Code:  533229

NSE Symbol: Bajajcon

Face value: 1

Market Cap ( in Rs cr): 2500

Dividend Yield:  4.7%

Dividend Paid:

Company had paid 20rs per share dividend from 11 Sept 2020 to 22 july 2022 which is very good dividend track record for investors.

Stock split: Stock of Bajaj Consumer had spilt from face value 5 to 1 in the year of 2011

Revenue Record:

Since 2018 to 2022 year , Company had showed good revenue growth where total revenues were in the year of 2018 i.e 827cr which raised to 921cr in 2021 and 879cr in the year of 2022

Net profit of Bajaj Consumer:

In the year of 2018 net profit was 211cr which was raised in the year of 2021 and raised to 223cr. In the year 2022 we had seen some dip in the net profit which comes to 169cr which was reflecting into the stock price because Bajaj consumer stock has already dropped down from the higher levels.

Earnings per share:

Company has been registering earnings per shares from 11.5 to 14 in the last 4 years which is good. Also return on Equity is 20.9 which is also good.


If we will check the financials of the company then we will find out the There was debit on the company from the year 2018 to 2021 but company cleared all the debit of the company and become debit free in the year of 2022 and also unpledged all shares of the company which is very good sign of any company management.


Why Bajaj Consumer care stock become multibagger stock in the year of 2023 and in coming more years?


Bajaj group of companies have always given very good returns to their shareholders. Bajaj Consumer care stock is trading at @169.50rs ( As of 05/Dec/2022, Time 11:40am).  We have already seen healthy correction in bajaj Consumers from the higher levels due to debt concern on the company but now company has become debit free which is very good sign for its company investors .Also as per company Management , company has more focus on online business which had raised from 1% to 3% in the past few years and company has focus to raise this business upto 5% in the coming years . If it happens then it will increase the revenues as well as profit of the company. Bajaj Consumer car stock is trading at lower to average valuations as compare to its Peers of FMCG sector stocks. Company has good reverses as well as growth story of consumption of its product will give boost in the near future. If we will check the financials of the company as discussed above then it will give more comfort level to long term investors. There is no exact time frame when this stock will become at least double from the current market price of 169.50rs but Bajaj Consumer care stock is going to be multibagger stock in the coming months and years. Such stock should always be into the portfolio of long term investors. Now let’s have a look on Technical levels of Bajaj Consumer care stock.


Technical Analysis of Bajaj Consumer care stock:

If we will see on the technical charts then 52 weeks high 207.50rs and 52 weeks low 129.05rs

In the month of Jun 2022 Stock had made 52 weeks low and recover from the lower levels and stock had consolidated for few months in the price range of 140rs to 153rs but now Bajaj Consumer care stock has make base around 145rs to 153rs. It looks like stock has bottom out and has adjust all negative news related to share pledge and debit of company. Now Company management has taken very good step and unpledged holding and made company debit free.

If bajaj Consumer care stock sustain above 155rs levels in the long term then it will give the best opportunity to long term investors to add this stock more into their portfolio’s .  In the coming Days If bajaj Consumer care stock trade above 170rs price level then we may see price levels of 180rs to 190rs in very short term.


Short term targets of bajaj Consumer care stock:

If Stock don’t break the levels of 158rs and trade in between 158rs to 170rs price range then we may see 180rs to 185rs price levels very soon in this stock .

Medium Term price targets of Bajaj Consumer care stock:

If Bajaj Consumer care stock trade above 185rs price levels then we  may see 195rs to 215rs + levels  in the coming weeks  or months

Long term Targets of Bajaj Consumer car stock:

As per our analysis Bajaj Consumer care stock is portfolio stock and for long term investment point of view we may see multibagger returns in this stock. If any investors has 1year to 2 years of investment point of view then try to accumulate this stock and hold it for 2X or 3X returns in the coming years.


We are holding this stock into our portfolio. 


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