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What are the good investment options in India for 2022


What are the good investment options in India for 2022

Best investment options which offer better returns than bank fixed deposits:

In today's time, everyone is looking for an investment option with regular income. But funding the right investment option is not an easy task for everyone. Research is very important to find the right investment option. A right investment of keys can give you a very good return in future. Today we will discuss what are the best investment options in India for short term & Long term.  Many people search for an investment option in which the risk is low and the return is also fixed. In such a situation, people pay attention to bank fixed deposits by doing more. But do you know that there are many investment options in which you can earn more return from bank fixed deposit by investing in it? We have been seeing a change in the investment options of people in the last few years as banks have reduced the interest rate on schemes against used deposits and also have to pay tax on the amount received by the investors on fixed deposits. That's why many investors in today's time instead of FD, people have started paying attention to other investment options as well. If you want to make more returns in a short period, then today's article is going to be very beneficial for you and read the article carefully and you will get good investment options apart from bank FD. Also we will discuss best investment options for beginners. also we will discuss best investment for 5 years. 

Post Office Time Deposit:  

 Best options to invest money If you want to earn good returns in a non-risk investment scheme for a short period of time, you can invest your money in Post Office Time Deposit. Under this government scheme, you get guaranteed and higher returns than FD, Fixed Deposit. If a person invests his money for a period of 1 to 3 years under the time deposit scheme of the post office, then he will get an interest of 5.5 percent.

Best investment for 5 years:

 if you can hold your Post office time deposit investment for a little longer, then  you should invest your money in this deposit schemes for 5 years in which you will also get guaranteed fixed return. In 5 years, you will get an interest of 6.7 percent. . Therefore, if one invests  little long term investment and post office time deposit scheme, then one will get a safe and guaranteed return.

Apart from this, if you can take a little risk, then you can also pay attention to the schemes written below.

 Small Risk More Profit Investment Options:

Best investment options for short term , If an investor can take a little risk, he can invest in debt funds. If you can invest in floater funds for 2 or 3 years. Or you can also invest under short duration funds. Along with this, you can also invest in Hybrid Funds under Mutual Funds for a short duration.

Debt Fund Investment Options:

Another best investment options for short term  is  Debit Fund. As the name suggests, it is a debit-related fund, in which you will not get a fixed return, but you can get a better return in less time. In today's youngsters, more interest is being seen in the options of high risk and high returns in order to increase the interest towards the stock market.

Debt funds have the potential to give you much better returns as compared to fixed income investment schemes. You can invest in schemes like market funds, liquid funds, ultra-short duration funds and money under debt funds.

There are many big funds like Kotak Market Money, Aditya Birla, or UTI like many private fund companies that invest in debit fund schemes.

 Mainly Debt mutual funds invest in fixed interest generating securities like corporate bonds, treasury bills, commercial paper , government securities few  other money market financial  instruments. We would like say that mutual funds are not risk free. But small risk is always associated with every financial products investment. Similarly, Mutual funds  carry risks such as interest rate risk and credit risk. So it is advisable to every investor do complete study the risk factors before investing in such funds.

Equity Mutual Fund schemes:

Equity mutual fund schemes  does not offers fixed returns but if someone can take risk & having interest into the stock market but he/she cannot invest directly into the stock market then  invest in equity stocks through Equity mutual fund schemes . Any equity fund will be actively managed or passively managed. As per SEBI guidelines for Mutual Fund Regulations, an equity mutual fund scheme will have to invest at least 65 % of its total assets in equity and equity-related financial instruments. In the Equity Mutual fund schemes, fund managers play vital role or we can say that returns from this mutual fund scheme will depend on the ability of the mutual fund manager. Therefore try to find best mutual fund companies like HDFC, SBI and other big brands of this industry.  These equity funds are exchange traded fund (ETFs) which trades online. Therefore these funds are subjects to market risks.

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