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Should Latent view analytics stock hold or sell after listing

Latent view analytics stock hold or sell after listing

What should investors do after listing of Latent view Analytics IPO Shares?

Latent View Analytics IPO has received a lot of response in the Indian market, if we do data analysis, then we can say that the best response in Indian IPO history has been received by Latent View Analytics IPO itself. Latent view analytics IPO made record in receiving total bids of value Rs 113,000 crore which create a history in the Indian primary market. 326.49 times subscription on final day of IPO tells the whole story. Latent view Analytics Company had received bidding for 572.18 crore equity shares against IPO Size of 1.75 crore equity shares of the company. It means that only luckiest IPO bidders have received allotment of Latent view analytics shares.

The company's business model and the company's promoters have a good track record behind getting such a good response for the Latent View Company. The main Objective of Latent view analytics IPO was for raising the money from India market to fund inorganic growth, meeting working capital requirements & to increase investment into its subsidiary. Which is good?

Should traders or investors hold or sell Latent view analytics share after IPO listing? To get answer of this question lets understand the business model & Financials of latent view company in easy language

Latent view analytics company business model:

Latent View Company's business is a new age business model in which Artificial Intelligence; Data Analytics are the most in demand business in these times. This business model will see a lot of growth in the coming years. Let us discuss in brief about company business model.

Data Analysis:

Latent View is a services provider company that provides results to its clients by collecting data of their company and analyzing that data.

Data Engineering:

Second company is in the segment of data engineering, if understand in easy words, then if Latent View had collected data of a company and analyzed it, then implemented it in a correct business form and from that implementation the company's revenue has to be increased. .

Business Analytics:

In this stump, the company is told about developing the business of its clients and running the business in the right direction.

Digital Solution:

We all must know about digital solutions. Today's world is known as the digital world. Every company wants to get the best digital solutions. Latent View Analytics Company provides its clients with an automated business process developed in a digital way and the direction to make the right decision at the right time.

 Positive points about Latent View:

The Latent View Company was established in 2006. The company's chairman & founder is Venkatraman Viswanathan and the company's executive director Pramad Jandhyala, both of whom founded the Latent View company. If talking about the qualification of Venkatraman Viswanathan, an alumnus of IIM Kolkata. Venkatraman Viswanathan also has few years of experience across IT services, credit analysis and business consulting. According to the company's management, no lawsuit has been filed against his company till date.

Global presence of Company Business:

Through its subsidiaries, Latent View Company has business in the countries like United States Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, UK & in Europe as well. Company has its own sales office in the San Jose, London, Singapore. Latent View Company also work for more than 30 Fortune 500 companies from last 3 fiscals years. We will like to disclose name of those companies like Uber technologies, 7-Eleven, Adobe etc.

Few Negatives about Latent view analytics Company:

If we talk about the negatives of the company, then we will not get much. But still few negative points have been discovered from us which can be ignored.

1) The company of Latent View has a revenue size of 300 crores, which will be considered as small less revenue than other listed companies.

2) Latent View Company has a market cap of 4000cr and the promoters are also not very famous and are new promoters. But these things do not matter so much if the promoters of the company are providing good growth and profit to the company.

Financial track record of latent view Analytics Company:

This can be gauged from the company's strong financial track record that the Latent View Company's margins have been recorded above 28%. According to our research, such margins have been seen in the IT sector in companies like TCS and Infosys. A company like Latent View Analytics is not listed in the Indian stock market, but if a little comparison is to be made, then a comparison can be made with the Happiest Mind Company and we all know that the Happiest Mind Company's IPO listing got multibagger returns and after listing. Even the investors who had bought shares in Happiest also got multiple returns. According to the research of our website, the company of Latent View Analytics has a unique business model which cannot be directly dressed up by any other company.

If We will calculate company Total Revenues on YOY basis then in The March 2020, Total revues of the company was nearly 329cr & in the march 2021 to 326cr. Company had reported profit after tax in march 2019 then it was nearly 60cr, In march 2020 profit after tax was nearly 73cr and in march 2021 company has reports profit after tax then recorded nearly 93cr. It clearly shows increase in the profit of latent view company.  Company total assets also increase from March 2020 to march 2021 and it was increased by nearly 122cr. Recently In the June 2021 the Company has reported profit of 22cr on the basis of company profit if we will calculate P/E ratio then it will be below 38 which is not expensive. This Chennai based company generated total revenue of Rs 305 crore with the profit of Rs 91crore nearly for fiscal 2021.

Latent view analytics share hold or sell?

Company has unique business model. Response of retail investors in its IPO which had subscribed nearly 119.4 times & institutional investors subscribed it for nearly 145 times with 850.6 times of non institutional investors. It is a great response for any IPO.  At upper end of price band of Rs 190-197 per share it looks that more charm has left on table for investors even after IPO listing. As per the grey market premium of latent view analytics which is nearly 290rs per share, we may expect bumper listing of latent view analytics IPO nearly 480rs per equity share. Even Grey market premium is always unofficial therefore Latent view analytics IPO may listing above 480rs as well.  GMP may increase or decrease anytime. As per our research Latent view analytics stock is a multibagger stock in the longer term. It is better to keep Latent view analytics stock into the portfolio for long term point of view. If anyone had applied for IPO listing gains then It is better to raise stoploss after listing and enjoy the ride of stock. 10 % of stop loss after IPO listing can be best strategy to carry into the trade.

Should you buy Latent view analytics Stock?

As we have discussed above fundamentals of the company which looks very strong and having good future growth prospectus. Therefore new investors and traders can buy “Latent view analytics” stock after IPO listing. Try to accumulate the stock even after IPO Listing. The retail investors or big investors of the market those had not received good quantity of Latent view stock those may try to get entry into the stock after its listing. Even we may see volatility into the stock after its listing. As per our research more steam has left in latent view analytics stock after listing. 

Recommendation: Buy

Price Targets of Latent view analytics stock: Our long term target for Latent view Analytics stock is 580 rs to 700 rs+

Must Note: 

if latent view analytics stock will open on higher note or will freeze on uper lock then it is obvious that new investors will not get chance to take entry in this stock. It is advisable that never jump into the stock when it is out of the approach. Try to track the stock for few days, once it shows some cool off from higher levels then try to accumulate that stock. Dont try to jump in on higher levels. We always guide our website viewers that if you like any IPO stock and it gets open on very higher levels then dont try to catch or jump into that stock at higher price lecels. It is always better to accumualate the stock in small sets when it shows some profit booking. We will update the targets of Latent view analytics stock if needed after its listing. 


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