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Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock should you buy, sell or hold

 Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company business model:

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company is doing business for over two decades. A trusted one in the pharma  industry. Talking about the business model of the company, most of the business comes from the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) segment. And apart from this the business of generic medicines is very spread in India. Apart from India, the company also exports generic medicines to different countries such as Russia, US and Germany. The company NCE research, biologics business segment and differentiated formulations are conducted in the US. Apart from all this, Dr Reddy`s Laboratories company has also launched Grafeel(Filgrastim) and Reditux(Rituximab). Recently the company has won the contract to make Covid 19 vases, which includes Russia's Sputnik Vs and started its pilot project in Mumbai. Dr Reddy`s Laboratories has won the contract to manufacture 2 doses of salt medicine, which is a drug believed to be helpful in the treatment of covid 19. 2DG Medicine was researched by DRDO, in which Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company has also played an important role. When 2DG medicine was told in the India media, it was also told about the role of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories regarding its manufacturing. Therefore, the amount of research done about Dr Reddy`s Laboratories company will probably be less. The company's products are always in demand and research products are considered very well.

Product Portfolio of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company:

Tablets, capsules, ejections, topical creams, all these generate the largest business in the generic medicine segment. Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company has a strong hold in the pharma industry in the therapeutic, pain management, Gastro, oncology, Pediatric dermatology, anti infective areas in the therapeutic segment that Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company has a strong hold in the research & development segment. And medicine and pharma industries trust on the company's brand.

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock should you buy or sell

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories Company fundamental analysis:

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock is trading around 4620rs and Stock made 52 week high of 5614rs and 52 week low of 4135rs. With the face value of 5, Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock is trading at 44 P/E against the Industry P/E ratio of 39 . It means market is giving good response to Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock. If we will check the Price to book ration then Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock is trading at P/B value of 4.3 with the march cap of 77,000 cr approximately. Dr Reddy`s Laboratories reports Earning per share of 104rs which is quite good as compared with industry peers  of pharma sector. Dr Reddy`s Laboratories also offer dividend to its company share holders. Dividend yield ratio is nearly 0.5 an Dr Reddy`s Laboratories offered dividend of 20rs to 25 rs per share since 2017 to 2021 every year. It means average 22rs per share every year company is giving dividend to shareholders of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories from last 4 years.

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories company Result analysis:

Should you invest in the Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock for long term? Let us discuss the Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock valuation. If we will compares YOY basis results of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories since 2017 to 2021 then we will see the real growth of the company. In the year of 2017 company reports total revenues of 14,196 cr in the year of 2017 , 14,218 in 2018, nearly 15,450 in 2019 , approximately 17, 517 in 2020 & In 2021 company has reports total revenues of above 19,000. It means company revenues are increasing from last 4 years. If we will discuss the Net profit of the Dr Reddy`s Laboratories then in the year of 2020 company had reports  net profit of nearly 1970 cr which comes to nearly 1900 in the year of 2021 which was expected due to covid 19 & lockdown. Demand & supply had impact on the companies due to logistics & other factors. Dr Reddy`s Laboratories registered Retrun on Equity since 2017 to 2021 on average 11.02 approximately. Company has total debit on books is 12,00crores. Which is affordable as per the value of the company & Product portfolio of the Dr Reddy`s Laboratories.  In this way we can say that Dr Reddy`s Laboratories company has very good fundamentals & Dr Reddy`s Laboratories is a portfolio stock for long term investors.

What are Price target of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock for year of 2022?

What are the Long term investment target for Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock has long term price 5600rs ++ or if close above 5620rs for few days then targets for Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock will be open. But mind it it is long term price targets which is far away from the current price of the stock, therefore long term investors should also keep strict stoploss of 4540rs on closing basis if stock break these levels then we may see more downside in Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock. It is better to keep stoploss and buy on lower price levels.

Technical analysis of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock:

Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock price is trading at 4620rs per share since 21-Oct-2021 (13:10pm). In technical analysis we discuss that what are Short term price targets of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock.

Note: The strictly follow the stoploss & Buy or sell the stock strictly as per given price levels (Above or below prices)

Sell Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock if:

The stock of the Dr Reddy`s Laboratories made 52 week high of 5614rs and from that price level it is coming down & stock has seen more than 1000rs profit from the high level. In the coming days if Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock Break the price level of 4618rs & gives the closing below 4618rs price level then we may see more down side in the stock & it can drag Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock till 4600, 4580rs, 4550rs in the short term,. Stock should take support around these price levels and bounce back from 4550rs or 4540 price levels. But if stock of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories breach 4550 price level then it can reach the price of 4515, 4495rs, 4480rs, 4450rs of below. In this trade stoploss will be 4655rs or second stoploss will be 4688rs on the closing basis.

 Buy Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock if:

If the stock of Dr Reddy`s Laboratories trade above 4650rs or 4678rs & gives close above these price levels with good volume then we may see upside in the stock which can take the stock price up to 4700rs, 4725rs. 47.55rs, 4785rs, 4805rs, 4830rs, 4865rs, 4900rs to 4950rs, 5000rs, 5050rs to 5150rs ++ price levels in the coming weeks . In this case stock loss will be 4612rs or 4608rs on closing basis.

Disclaimer: The above discussion is our website prediction for the Dr Reddy`s Laboratories stock price target. Please do your own research too. 

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