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Future of Education sector of India & Covid 19 impact on Education industry

                          Future of Education sector of India & Covid 19 impact on Education industry

Let us discuss bit about 19th century education level of India:

Education sector is not seen as a business in India. Education is considered a right in Indian, it will be considered as a very good sign to have such thinking, because any country progresses only when every citizen of that country is well educated. If we talk about a few years ago, India was far behind in terms of education, but there was never a shortage of talent in India. With time India's economy grew and the governments of the time encouraged the education sector.

If we listened from our parents and grandparents in 1990 and before then education in India was limited to government schools and colleges and if we listened to that time then education level in government schools too was very good. But with the passage of time, after the privatization came the time of private schools in India too. People started turning towards private schools and colleges. Due to which the level of education was high but the lack of interest towards government schools was also not a good sign, this was also understood by the governments of the time. And the government increased the funding for government schools and colleges, the result of which was that the education of these schools and colleges was equal to seventy private school colleges. In every union budget, no matter which government is there, it definitely makes some good announcements for education. This is also a very good thing because without education it is very difficult for any country to progress.

20th century brought revolution in Indian education industry:

As India stepped into the 20th century, there was a change in the education sector and the education sector in India went to a very good seventy seven. Now there will hardly be a house in our country where no one wants to study. If we talk about the data of media news, then the Indian education industry will grow more than $175 million in FY20. According to a government estimate, higher education will add more than $ 30 billion to India. This is a good sign. Today there are more than 200 million school students in India.  Today there are more than 900 universities in India, if we talk about colleges, then we will be surprised to see the figures, yes there are close to 40,000 colleges in India today. This change greatly supported the economy of India, but changed the way of thinking of the people of education. Today every boy and girl wants to do good education. And this is a good sign for India. Talking about 2018-2019, there were more than 35 million boys and girls in India. Those who had enrolled for higher seventies education. In 2021, the Government of India also announced the opening of more than 14500 schools and 100 Sainik Schools under the National Education Policy.

Role of Indian government in the growth of education sector:

 In the Government of India, 100% Foreign Direct Investment, FDI has also been approved in the education sector. The promotion of the education sector by the Government of India in this way is very much appreciated. Over the past 10 years, more than $3,500 foreign direct investment has been in the education sector. That’s a good thing for the growth of Indian education sector.

According to an estimate, India's education sector market will reach more than $3 billion by 2022-23. Approved the National Education Policy in 2020 of the Government of Current India and in this it targeted to upgrade every school and college with technology. The Indian government allocated 54000 crore to promote the Department of School and Education. The Indian Current Government has focused a lot on the education, which is a very good step considering the exigencies of today's time.

Internet changed the way of study for students:

There was a time when everyone wanted to do a government job but education changed with the passage of time and today every student wants to become an engineer and want to open his own business. This is a good change, the demand for skilled education is also outside India, and today the citizens of India go to study abroad and make a good career. Many software engineers of India are doing very good jobs in foreign countries. The Internet has changed the way we do education. Today many students in India are studying online and doing their jobs together, because of this, they are getting educated and earning money as well.

Covid 19 Impact on International students & domestic students:  

covid 19 has caused a lot of damage to the education sector, everything was going well in India before 2020, when the corona virus knocked outside and the government of the time had to announce the lock down in India. It’s very bad happened on Indian economy. The education sector was also not untouched by this.  it was a right decision to close the schools and colleges for the safety of the students. Many countries also closed their international borders. Australia became the puzzle country out of all the countries which closed its international borders; India also closed its borders for all the international students. Corona virus can be controlled. Due to this, students studying abroad suffered a lot because they were not allowed to travel and were forced to study online. Online education was also done in Indian. Many countries opened their borders after the end of the second wave of Corona.  Those countries are countries like Canada, England, America, Germany, and Dubai, France. But countries like Australia, New Zealand, which have not yet allowed international students and working visa holders to come to their country, are also causing a lot of damage to the students and working visa holders, their career is also being affected very badly.

In India too, due to the closure of schools and colleges, students have to do their studies online. There was a time when the teachers in the school used to get the study done by writing chalk on the black board, today the corona virus forced the school teachers and school managements to give online classes on software’s like Zoom ,skype or others . One thing was good with this that online education also expanded in rural areas. But one question will always remain in everyone's heart that the places where internet facility is not available.

How bad would it have affected the careers of the students there? What a school and college teacher and professor can explain by giving lectures in class would probably be very difficult to explain in online classes. Talking about students, students who can study in college and school classrooms cannot learn online study. But all the countries did not go ahead with the corona virus, but in early 2021, when the corona vaccine started in India, enthusiasm was seen in everyone. But this corona vaccine was not for those under 18 years. But in India, the corona  vaccination drive was run at a very good pace and today more than 50 crore people in India have got the corona vaccine as of latest data till 8th Aug 2021, it is biggest achievement by India and orders have been given to open schools and colleges in many states of India, but School, college and  universities have suffered a financial loss during the Corona period, also it was a mental stress.

Estimates are also being made for the end of the second wave in India and many firm companies such as Pfizer, Moderna have also brought corona vaccine for the under 18 years and have started applying it in the countries as per media reports. This is a very good thing, because of this, the administrations of schools, colleges and universities and students will have a belief that schools, colleges may not be closed due to corona virus. With the hope of this, there will also be growth in the education sector.

In nutshell, We can say that covid 19 has caused a lot of damage to the growth of the education sector, but the growth of the education sector is going to be much better in India in the coming few years. As the Indian government is focusing more on digitisation, many students in India also prefer to study in the IT sector, and students who want to become engineers will focus on engineering studies. Medical students will take admission in medical colleges and universities. In this way we can say that the future of education sector is very bright in India.

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