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Future of Media & entertainment Industry in India

                         Future of Media & entertainment Industry in India

Brief Introduction about Media & Entertainment Industry of India:

The media and entertainment industry plays a good role in the economy of India. When almost all the sectors in the world were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the media was the only sector that was running its business. Along with business, media was the only sector that was providing all the news to the people sitting at home. Due to the media, people have become very aware. If there was no media, it would have been difficult to tell about the symptoms of corona to every household. If we talk about media, then electronic media, print media have played an important role in this, but we should keep the internet bases media (website & blog) like social etc. If we talk about Media as Whole Sector, it has brought revolution in the world. If we talk about a few years ago, then there was a time when there were not more than one and two televisions in every colony and today is the time when LED TV, Smart TV are available in all the rooms of a house. Talking about the rural areas of Indian too, television and internet have reached every house. This is a big achievement for India. Talking about today's time, every member of the house has his own mobile phone and internet facility is also available on it, due to this it has become very easy to see social media, otherwise there was a time when breaking news was read. To do this, people had to wait for the news paper till morning.

Social Media Trend:

In today's time, social media websites and mobile apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook etc. have made every single news of the world available to the people. Along with this, this social media website has also proved to be a good source of entertainment. If you speak in simple words, then the world has changed a lot and it is wise to change with the world, otherwise a person will lag behind. It is our happy fortune that we are living in the time of the world when technology has made everything available to us very easily. If we talk about media channels, today we get every latest news sitting at home. Now we can watch Live TV Channels on our Jobs and also in Business Horse. From this, we can get an idea of ​​how big the industry of media and entertainment is running in India and how important is the role of the media sector in the growth of India's economy. In today's time, every business and company wants to see the advertisement of their product on the media channel so that the product of that company can reach the eyes of the people and people can understand the product of the company, this gives income to the media sector, because media channels have seen advertisements Packages are fixed for it.  Now if we talk about the entertainment industry, then in this magazine, music industry, film industry and box office are also making very good revenue, which is very good for the media & entertainment industry.

Data of Media & Entertainment Industry Growth in India:

Now let us take a look at the growth of the media & entertainment industry as well. According to an estimate, this industry of India will grow more than 4 lakh crores by 2025. And the annual growth of this sector will increase at a rate of more than 10%. This is a good guess which seems to be reaching its target too because the population of India is still young and all the youngsters are well aware of the modern techniques. If we talk about the time of pandemic, then India's advertising industry has given good results even then.

 Television Advertisement segment:

 In the TV advertising industry, the business has clocked more than 35000 crores in 2020. Now-a-days the time of internet is going on, in view of this it is also being estimated that from 2020 to 2025, business worth more than 29000 crores will come from internet advertising industry. In this era of mobile internet, media experts are also estimating that the mobile internet advertising segment alone can give a business of more than 20, 000 crores to media industry, which seems to be unachievable by 2025.

Print Media advertisement:

Considering the inclination of people towards advertisement of electronic and internet social media, media industry experts are predicting a decline in the revenue of advertisement segment in print media. They believe that by 2025, the revenue of print advertising can fall by 12%. But we should not forget that even today people wake up in the morning and first of all demand for Newspaper and also see interest in reading magazines in free time.

Box office growth estimate:

Talking about the box office, very good estimates are coming out for this sector, if experts are to be believed, and then the CAGR will grow more than 38% till 2025, which will be a good growth after a few years.

Cinema Industry growth:

How can we forget the cinema industry?. The cinema halls were closed due to the pandemic, due to which this industry has suffered a lot. If we talk about the current situation, then India has controlled the second wave of corona virus to a great extent and the corona vaccination drive in Indian is going on at a very good rate but some media experts are also talking about the third wave of corona virus. . If this happens to be true, then India's cinema industry may have to suffer even more. Covering this, the experts of this industry have reduced the growth forecast of the cinema industry, but they are also saying that by mid of 2022 and start of 2023 the demand will come to pre covid 19 level. Along with this, the revenue of the music industry, radio segment has also worked in 2020, which is being estimated up to 4000 crores. But by 2025, the growth of the radio, music industry is also expected to show improvement. According to an estimate, more than 18% growth can be registered in this segment by 2025.

Video Gaming & E-sporting growth:

How can one forget video games nowadays, earlier video games were played by kids, but nowadays the era of digital games and 3D games has come and in this a lot of interest has been seen by the youngsters? In many cities, even gaming centres are open. Considering such interest, the experts of the video games industry have estimated the revenue of more than 24000 crores.

In nutshell, we can say that media & entertainment industry will grow in India or we can say that future of this industry is bright in India. Revenue estimates are also expected to growth in coming few years.  Therefore we can say that media & entertainment industry will play vital role in the Indian economy .in coming many years.  

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