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Banks offering home loans at low interest rates

 Banking home loans demand is increasing in India

Every human has a dream. In a country like India, where there is a population of not more than 130 crores, the demand for building houses is bound to increase. It should be everyone's dream to build a house, because if you keep the dream, then only a person will work hard to make that dream come true. So let us know about the options of those best home loans today. Home loan interest rates in Indian have reached a low level. Those who have already taken home loan from Hey Banks are also getting their home loans transferred to those banks which have lower interest rates. According to a research, more than 40% of the people have transferred home loans from one bank to another; this is called balance transfer, according to research, more than 40% of the balance transfer has happened from one bank to another because people are getting attracted towards the banks which are offering cheap interest rates.

Today you will get answers of these questions:

  • Banks offering best housing loans at lower interest rates
  • Which bank is offering best car loan
  • which bank is offering lowest interest on housing loan
  • banking charging low interest rates
  • best home loan schemes
  • Lowest interest rate of home loan schemes
  • SBI home loan scheme
  • PNB housing loan scheme
  • Bank of Maharashtra housing loan
  • HDFC Bank Housing loan scheme
  • ICICI Bank housing loan scheme
  • Corona front line healthcare  Warriors personal loan, gold loan, car loan schemes

Reserve bank of India commendable step in Loan Growth:

The Reserve Bank of India has an important role in this. The demand for Loan against Property is very high in India. According to Banks, more than 20% more than the last year's demand has been seen in the loan against property. In view of the increasing demand for bank loans, the Reserve Bank of India has kept the repo rates at 4%, this step of the Reserve Bank of India will be considered a commendable step.

Government banks are taking interest on home loans:

If we talk about the country's largest government bank, State Bank of India, then the interest rate on home loan is 6% and 9% in between. Bank of Baroda is also charging interest between 6% and 9% on home loans. Talking about Punjab National Bank, this bank is taking 6% and up to 9% interest on home loan. If seen in this way, then the interest rate on the home loan of government big banks is almost the same.

Private Bank taking interest on Home loan:

If we talk about the private banks of India, then HDFC, the country's largest private bank, then the interest rate on home loan is between 6% to 8%. On the other hand, if we talk about the country's second largest bank ICICI, then above 6% and less than 8% interest rate is being taken on home loan.

Which Bank is charging processing fee & documents processing fee on home loans:

State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Maharashtra, these three banks are charging the lowest processing fee on home loans. Let us discuss how much processing fee is being charged by the bank.

On the occasion of 75th Independence Day, Punjab National Bank had  offered a special offer for its customers  in this offer, the bank had  decided to completely waived off processing fees on home loan. The bank had also decided to waived off documents charges fee  on home loans till  30 September 2021. If we will talk about the per annum interest rates then PNB is charging 6.80%.

                         Banks offering home loans at low interest rates

  Bank of Maharashtra

Bank of Maharashtra is offering exciting scheme on home loan.  This bank is offering 100 percent discount on processing fees on retail loans. Home loan will also be come under this scheme. Bank of Maharashtra has announced the Retail Bonanza & bank has given name to this promotion scheme is  Monsoon Dhamaka”. Under the this scheme, Bank of Maharashtra  has also  waived off processing fees on gold loans, home loans as well as car loans. If anyone is interested in this scheme then he/she has to avail this scheme before or up to 30th September 2021, Bank of Maharashtra declared less interest rates. The bank of Maharashtra is offering best home and car loans schemes having interest rates are starting from nearly 6.89% to 7.29%.

State Bank of India (SBI)

State bank of India  has come up promotional home loans scheme name of “Monsoon Dhamaka Offer”. To attract the customers having interest for taking home loans. Under this scheme, State bank of India will not charge the processing fee on home loan till 31 August 2021. Bank customers, those are interested in this scheme they all have to visit to SBI home loan website and need to use SBI yono. The Bank has published detail regarding this on SBI's website. IF we will talk about the current scenario then State bank of India is charging the processing fee for home loan is nearly 0.34% excluding service tax. This is minimum charges are nearly Rs 2000 tax extra & maximum is nearly Rs 10000 plus tax.

SBI car Loan & Gold loan best schemes:

SBI has announced 100% waiver of processing fees on car loans. Apart from this, finance is also being offered to the car loan borrowers up to 90% of the on-road price of the car. The customers who will apply for a car loan by the use YONO app will get a special discount of 0.25% in the interest rate. SBI is also reducing 0.75 per cent interest rates for gold loan.  Customers those want to take benefit of this scheme, they can get Gold Loan by different mediums of SBI at the rate of 7.5 per cent per annum.  Customers those will apply for taking gold loan with the use of YONO mobile app. They will get exemption of processing fee.

State bank of India is also giving waiver 100 percent  on  processing fees to those taking personal and pension loans from various channels of SBI. SBI offering best discount of 0.50 % in the interest rate for frontline healthcare workers like covid 19 Warriors applying for personal loans. Similar Also these discounts will soon be available to covid 19 Warriors for car and gold loans as well.

Best home loan is nest Income tax saving Option:

People taking a home loan in India think of it as a protected alternative to add abundance to themselves over the long haul alongside saving money on income tax. Because of this, the pattern of home loans has expanded quickly over the most recent couple of years in the country. The alternative of saving income tax by taking a home loan at modest financing cost is additionally ending up being valuable for some people.

  Magicbricks Home Loan Consumer survey on loan growth:

According to a survey conducted in India, Magicbricks Home Loan Consumer, the normal home loan sum in the country's metropolitan urban areas cities  like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata etc in the primary portion of 2021 was more than 20lacs. The investigation discovered that the normal sum for home loan balance move and loan against property is more than Rs 2.4 million and above Rs 3.0 million. If we will discuss about Tier-2 urban cities like Ahmadabad, Kanpur, Chandigarh, Patna, Dehradun etc having population is above million. Further more if we will talk about the cities like Baroda, Nashik having population is less than a million of the country, the normal home loan sum is above Rs 2.2 million while the normal loan against property sum is again above Rs 2.0 million. Individuals in small cities of the nation are taking a normal loan of above 1.8 million for balance move.

In nutshell, we can say that Government banks as well as Private sector banks of India are giving best loan schemes.  In government Banks, State bank of India is offering best car loans, home loans & gold loans at best rates. If we will talk about the Private banking then HDFC bank & ICIC banks are also offering best home loan schemes.  It is up to the choice of the customers from where they want to take a loan. It is recommended that please read all documents carefully before applying for any kind of loans from any financial institutes or banks.

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Disclaimer:  Please do your own research before taking any decision. The best research has done on different banking loans at present time; It may change time to time as per banking schemes.

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