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How to prepare yourself for job interview ?

                                               How to prepare  yourself for  job interview

Interview tips

These days, it is very difficult to clear or pass the interview round because there are many candidates in a row for one vacancy in the company. In this type of competition, it is very important to prepare yourself better than others. Sometimes we do some common mistakes during interview session so it is better to learn few steps before going for interview.

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Let us discuss some important steps.

Step 1

Knowledge about the company

If you are going for an interview round then you should have the knowledge about the company management, Products of the company, company future plans, competitors of the company etc. It is very important to prepare your self by doing complete research about the company from company website.

Check employee review

You may check the company employees review about the company. It will give you more clear picture about the company environment & dealing of the company staff. The use of interview is most important part these days before going for an interview because you may get any kind of data about the company.

Step 2

Prepare your words at home

Before going for an interview round just try to prepare some of your lines at your home.  Interviewer may ask you any question but some questions regarding company products and management cant be changed.

Stand in front of the mirror of your room and check your facial expression, it will build up confidence in you.


Check your resume

Before going for the interview, you should check your resume and read it carefully because in some cases candidates have no idea that what has written into their resume and it is very common mistake. Always keep into your mind about the SWOT analysis which you have written  into your resume i.e strength, weakness, opportunity, threat. Interviewer may ask you this question. You should very be clear about the duties which you had performed with your last company because interview panel may ask you about it.

Step 4

Well dress up

Once you are ready with your interview round then select your formal dress for the interview. Keep in to your mind always go into the formal dress up or any dress code suggested by the company for the interview round. Always polish your shoes before going for interview.  Keep hanky into your pocket. Do not wear sports look wrist watch. Try to use pleasant fragrance or perfume having not much fragrance.

Step 5

Be punctual 

Try to reach on the interview venue before given interview time, you may reach 15mins earlier. If you will reach later on the venue then it will be bad impression on your employer and you also may not feel confident.

Step 6

Always Stay positive

Once you will reach on the interview venue then always feel confident. Never lose your hopes. Always think that the worst thing could happen that you will not get a job. Try to keep bit smile on your face when  you interact with any company employee before facing the interview round that will leave good impression on the company staff sometimes interview panel had given this job to their employee for noticing that what kind of behavior candidate have before facing the interview round.

Step 7

Avoid badmouthing 

Once your turn will come then enter into the room with confidence and wish to the interview panel with greeting and respect. Never sit on the chair until your interviewer will not say to have seat. if you will not follow this line then half of the interview you will lose.

Once interview will be started then respond to all questions with your positive statement and attitude. Avoid badmouthing about your previous employers & about your university professors if anything will be asked by the interviewer during interview session.

Step 8

Dont slouch in your chair

Once your interview session will be start & you are seated then sit naturally and avoid slouching and leaning on the desk. If you will do this then it will create a very  bad impression on your interview panel.

Step 10

 Be clear on your answers

During interview session, Be clear and confident about your answers. It is better to take a pause before giving the answer of tough questions asked by interviewer. Do not speak in a very slow.If you are unsure about the asking question then do not speak quickly. Do not be over confident for your right or wrong answers because interview panel is the better judge during your interview session.

Step 11

Leave the Interview Room with confidence

Once your interview will be finished, do not leave the site or do not leave your chair until interview panel don't say you to leave the room. before leaving say thanks to interview panel.

Few outcomes may come after your interview round


If you you are offered a job then Make sure you will check all the joining documents or read your offer letter carefully. You may ask from the HR if you are not clear about any condition putted on the offer letter and you may also discuss with your friend or family member before sin in the offer letter and joining letter. If you are agree or satisfy with the term & conditions of the company then you may send special thanks email to your company for giving you better job opportunity.


If you are unsuccessful then do not leave your hopes. You may say thanks to the staff and try to improve your performance for the next interview. Do not lose your hopes because it is not an last job interview that you will face. there are many other job opportunities are waiting for you in the market. Just learn from your mistakes if you have done in your present interview round. Keep some questions into your mind what your previous interviewer asked you because some common question may get repeat in the next interview

In nutshell, before facing the interview, it is better to prepare yourself and follow the instructions given by the employer. Try to give your best on the interview, always be confident.

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