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How can a Housewife earn money from stock market & Investment options for a housewife

                                How can a Housewife earn money from stock market & Investment options for a housewife

How a house wife make profit from share market & Investment options for a housewife

These days, boys & girls are highly qualified & both are earning good amount of money from their jobs or businesses. But 15 to 20 years back,when there was not much job opportunities in India then it was really very difficult to get a job but now when there is lot of companies in India then there is good competition in the job market place for getting a placement into the company.

Nowadays, girls want to carry on with their jobs even after getting marriage which is very good option for their career. The housewife is a one who really take cares of the whole family as well as a housewife knows how to set the financial budget of her family because she is the better judge. With the passage of the time, the use of internet made everything very easy whether it is in front of easy approach to social media & keep our self up to date with the world news or domestic news. In same way, stock market has become better choice of everyone for making investment.

Recent days, we have seen that housewives have also shown interest in making investment or trading into the stock market which is very good thing. Housewives can invest in the stock market apart from household chores. But the question arise in the mind of housewives that how they can start their investment or make their investment plans. Let us discuss few steps:

 Learn about stock market

The first step should be that  housewife should gain some amount of knowledge about the stock market. It will be very easy with the use of internet, you can do more research and read good articles of the stock market.

Decide whether you want to become trader or investor 

It is very important to decide that whether you want to be a trader into the stock market or just want to make investment. I will suggest that start with the small investment after that once you will feel comfortable in the stock market then you may start trading with small amount.

Open a demat account or trading account

Once you have set up your mind for becoming trader of investment then you should open an account with brokerage firm or with the bank where you have saving account. I will suggest you to open demat account with bank or company having online banking facilities.

Start Investing 10 % of your savings

A best advice for a housewife is that start investing into the stock market from 10 % of your savings because if you are new into the stock market then just take risk of the rate of interest which you will receive on your saving account amount, if you will follow this step then you are taking risk of 2 to 3 % of your own amount because normally saving accounts are offering 5 to 6% interest.

Keep yourself up to date with news

It is very important for a housewife that if she wants to invest into the stock market then always check the news related to the stock market after that she may decide to set up her trade into the share market.

Keep stop losses

It is advisable to all that please keep stop loss on your trade and always check the value of the performance of your invested stocks.

Collect more data or research on company:

It is easy for a housewife to check the company performance by using the internet and collect more data of that company. After completion of household chores, the housewife may use her time in analysis the company past performance & current performance.

Time management

For a housewife, time management is very important because from household chores, it is very difficult for managing the time  but if she may able to manage time of 30 mins before stock market opening and 1 hour after or during the market hours then it will be best time management plan because if you want to become investor then you no need to stay on the screen every time. A housewife may become very good investor for long time.

Diversify your investment

A housewife should diversify her portfolio, In simple manner, She should invest the money into the different financial products like mutual funds, ETF bonds &  in the gold. By following this step, she may minimise the risk of her investment portfolio. 

Family support

A husband should support her wife in making or choosing right financial investment plans. Even the other family members should also support her. If she will start right investment then it may become another source of income and she may also help her husband in sharing house expenses. For a housewife, stock market may become good source of earning. Little support from the family and from her husband will give her confidence.

Mutual funds or SIP

If a housewife thinks that stock market is very risky for making investment or for trading then she may start investment in the good mutual funds or start Systematic investment plans. there are many mutual fund companies are available in the market but please select right mutual fund house.

Gold ETF funds

Gold ETF or exchange trading funds is also good option if a housewife wants to start online trading because it gives options for trading as well as invest indirectly into the gold.

In nutshell, we can say that a housewife may become good investor or trader in the stock market if she is able to manage a time from household chores. She should not take stock market as a investment or trading platform but she should take it as she is running her own business. Investing into the stock market is similar like running business because it also requires good knowledge, time management, skills. If you are making investment into the any listed company stock then it is obvious that you will check its business and you are investing into that business.

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