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Jocil ltd at 160RS , A long term investment stock

Company Profile or history & its products

Jocil Ltd AN auxiliary of Andhra Sugars is united on 1978 is occupied with collecting Fatty Acids alcohol bath soap Industrial O so on Jocil's collecting unit is located at Guntur District province.The organization gave 730000 FCDS in Feb' ninety five at Rs seventy five every per the conditions of the problem each debenture was modified over into one utterly paid price portion of Rs. ten every in conjunction with some hidden prices of Rs. sixty five on Aug' ninety five. succeeding to such modification the worth capital has expanded  up to four.44 lacs.The organization presently plans to line up five MW ignition based mostly biomass cogeneration power station for captive utilization even as purchasable.In 2000-2001 the organization had appointed the 6MW Biomass cogeneration power station for captive utilization and for dealings. The overflow power when captive necessity for live plant is listed to AP Transco Grid. thanks to some postponement in offer of substances the plant could not be charged on schedule. By and by the outsider supply of force is allowed on month-to-month premise this depends on the forthcoming official conclusion of AP Electricity restrictive Commission. The organization is desirous to utilize most up-to-date innovation in rising the unsaturated fats. This year the organization is utilizing a major limit in Soap Plant and carboxylic acid Plant for handling on Job work for others.In 2002-2003 another plant has been appointed with a limit of two tph to the present cleansing agent finishing line. With this new workplace it's presently conceivable to fabricate quite one whole of restroom cleansing agent at a time.The Company has discovered a unit to provide blocks from fly ash created within the boilers to tackle ecological problems and it's less costly and additional grounded after we distinction and customary blocks that is formed out of dirt.

Jocil is occupied with delivering unsaturated fats, alcohol and cleansers. Jocil was united in 1978 as province Oil and Chemical Industries. The organization's item portfolio incorporates lipoid corrosive chips, unsaturated fats, restroom cleansers, cleansing agent noodles and alcohol. These items have applications in house of medication, makeup, materials, paints, plastics, tires, track elastic, Metal Polish and totally different enterprises. The organization has client base above all HUL, Henkel, Johnson and Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothy Laboratories, Emami, BASF, Birla Tires, Claraint, Berger Paints, Sun Pharmaceutical and MRF Tires. Jocil has AN collecting limit of sixty seven,500 TPA (unsaturated fats), 1,800 TPA (glycerine) and twenty five,000 TPA (cleansers). based mostly at Dokiparru, the organization likewise encompasses a captive power station with six MW limit. The organization fabricates oleo chemicals like lipoid corrosive, refined unsaturated fat, fractioned unsaturated fats and refined alcohol. Jocil makes restroom cleansers, cleansing agent noodles and distinctive things. It likewise embraces contract fabricating for various organizations. Andhra Sugars has business interests in natural and inorganic synthetics, eatable and non–consumable vegetable oils and non–customary force age.

 It is occupied with collecting and advertising of sugar, synthetics like blistering pop, acidic corrosive, trendy liquor, chemical element corrosive, hydro chloric corrosive, sulfur oxide and headache medication.

In 1978, the organization was consolidated as province Oil and Chemical Industries.

 In 1982, the organization was renamed as Jayalakshmi Oil and Chemical Industries.

 In 1988, the organization became auxiliary of Andhra Sugars (ASL) on twenty seven October 1988.

 In 1992 the organization was renamed as Jocil.

 In 2001, the organization discovered a six MW biomass co–age power station to fulfill captive stipulations of steam and force.

 In 2003, the organization praised future of involvement with field of collecting of lipoid corrosive items, unsaturated fats, restroom cleansers, cleansing agent noodles and alcohol.

 In 2004, the organization got ISO 9001:2000 Certification by DNV for quality administration.

 In 2005, Ventured into Wind energy.

 In 2009, Wind ranch is registered as CDM Project with UNFCCC in Year 2009.

 In 2010, ISO 9001:2008 Certification by DNV

 The Power section incorporates the force created by biomass power station and wind energy generator (WEG). Its organizations incorporate oleo chemicals, cleansing agent and agreement fabricating. The oleo chemicals business incorporates refined unsaturated fats, fractioned unsaturated fat and refined alcohol. Its refined unsaturated fats ar created from vegetables oils, for instance, palm bit oil and rice wheat oil. Its fractionated things incorporate Caprylic, Capric, Lauric, Myristic, Palmitic, Stearic, Oleic, Erucic and mix of those divisions. Its lipoid corrosive drops ar used in medicine, makeup, materials, paints, plastics, tires and totally different ventures.

Its gift market capitalization remains at Rs one hundred eighty.24 Cr. within the most up-to-date quarter, organization has declared income of Rs. 4462.5 metallic element and Total financial gain of Rs.4518.55 Cr. The organization's administration incorporates K Raghuram, M Mrutyumjaya Prasad, K avatar Seshayya, Manjulata Dasari, P Venkateswara Rao, Subbarao V Tipirneni, V S Raju, K Srinivasa Rao, Mullapudi Thimmaraja, J Murali Mohan, P Narendranath Chowdary.

  Personal View on Jocil Ltd:

 Jocil ltd is a subsidiary of ASL group i.e Andhara sugar ltd. ASL group of companies are engaged in the business of caustic soda, chemical, sugar, textile, Industrial alcohol. Here Jocil ltd is manufacturing the toilet soaps, Stearic, distilled fatty acids, refined glycerine etc. Jocil ltd is into the contract manufacturing of soaps & have long association with Johsan & Johanson, Henkal Ltd. Jocil has clients like ITC, HUL, MRF, Emami, TVS, Sun pharma, Berger paints, Asian Paints, Marico. These above big name of the companies are the biggest client of the Jocil ltd. As Jocil Ltd operate in the chemical sector and Soap manufacturing sector then the demand for its products will always be increase. If I will talk about the Financials of the company then Company has reserves nearly 168 cr and share holding nearly 55 %.

 Jocil ltd is purely a investment grade stock. It may go down but that will be buying opportunity for long term investors. Company also pay dividend of 2 rs. I may increase in he coming years as profit of the company is expected to increase in the coming years. Jocil ltd has monopoly in soap manufacturing and presence in the chemical sector with strong client list. These all factors forced me to share investment idea on to my blog for all my blog readers.

 Jocil ltd is trading at 160, trade only in nse. it is one the my favourite stock.

short term target : 210 rs plus

 medium term target 250 rs plus

  long term target 300 rs plus

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making investment. It’s my personal view on this stock. The company profile data may have taken from company website but the view on the company stock is personal.


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