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Vardhman Textiles Limited is a coordinated material producer. The organization has practical experience in the creation of cotton yarn, engineered yarn, woven texture, sewing string, acrylic fiber, tow, and materials. Portions of the organization incorporate textures and fiber. The organization is a maker of colored texture, and produces cotton and exporter. It offers a wide scope of unique greige and filaments colored in cotton, polyester, acrylic and a wide scope of mixes. The organization additionally delivers items, like live cotton, melange, key contorted filaments, ultra strands (controlled defilement), gassed mercerised, fine filaments, slub and cellulose filaments and fine hand-woven filaments. The organization has about 1.1 million turning degrees and a creation limit of in excess of 580 metric ton (MT) of yarn each day. The organization has creation offices in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. The organization showcases its items in the European Union, the United States and the Far East. Vardhman textures offer a wide scope of exceptional greige and filaments colored in cotton, polyester, acrylic and different mixes. the biggest Vardhman material business with in excess of 11 lakhs of turning material and has the ability to create in excess of 588 MT of yarn each day. Vardhman Textiles is one of only a handful few vertical material makers in India that produces textures the two tops and containers in the piece of clothing portion that serves significant retailers all through the USA Europe Asia and other arising countries. The organization has set up an assortment of textures. The organization's material area can weave in excess of 180 million meters each year and the preparing limit of in excess of 140 million meters each year in a wide scope of textures. Vardhman Fabrics has a developing creation set that remembers 22 units for six regions of India. In 1988-1989 Mohta Industrial Limited (MIL) converged with Mahavir Spinnig Mills Ltd from April 1 1989 and around the same time the organization finished the principal current period of its turning units in Hoshiarpur and Malalerkotla and steel in Ludhiana. That very year the organization added another 24000 turning stuff to Malalerkotta at an absolute expense of RS. 21 000. In the year 1992-1993 the organization extended the sewing limit made locally in Hoshiarpur by more than Rs. In 1998-1999 the organization's 100% EOU third in Mandideep with 25000 axles introduced available to be purchased. In the year 2000-2001 the organization expanded the introduced limit of Spindles from 212568 Nos to 213496 Nos. In 2001-2002 the organization again expanded the force of the Spindles from 213496 Nos to 243640 Nos. from 40000 Nos to 66000 Nos. In 2004-2005 the organization expanded the introduced limit of Spindles from 310296 Nos to 468688 Nos and around the same time it likewise expanded the introduced limit of the Folded Product from 66000 to 80400. In the year 2005-2006. the organization contributed Rs. 338.88 in growing present day and debottlenecking exercises. That very year the organization executed another extension in Madhya Pradesh under the names Vardhman Yarn turning project and the Vardhman Fabrics incorporated Fabric project. During the year the organization expanded the included limit of Spindles from 468688 Nos to 477920 Nos. In 2006-2007 the organization name was changed from 'Mahavir Spinnig Mills Ltd' to 'Vardhman Textile Limited' and around the same time expanded the consideration of Spindles limit from 477920 Nos to 543432 Nos. In 2007-2008 the organization delivered another yarn - vardhaman yarn to Satlapur (MP) with an underlying turning limit of 30000 and around the same time the organization's material division began at 'Vardhaman Fabrics' in Budni (MP). During the year the organization procured 11700000 offers (10.78%) and 3300000 (3.04%) VAL value shares from outside accomplices Marubeni Corporation Japan and Japan Exlan Company Ltd. During the year 2009-10 6080 the watchmen became functional at 'Vardhman Yarns'. 2010 considered and supported enactment to endorse the liquidation of the organization's steel business in conference with KPMG delegated outer consultants in such manner. The Board has additionally shaped a Board of Directors to settle the Scheme in conference with the organization's guides on the important strides to meet the necessities in such manner. Walk 16, 2011 Vardhman Textiles advised the stock trade that an affirmed duplicate of the Order of the Punjab The Haryana High Court endorsed the Planning Scheme was documented with the Registrar of Companies in Chandigarh on 15 March 2011 and the Scheme has been effectively executed. As indicated by the Scheme the Vardhman Textiles steel business is situated at Vardhman Special Steels Limited with impact from 1 January 2011. As per segment 5.1 of the Scheme the investors of Vardhman Textiles Limited will be apportioned one portion of Vardhman Special to Stets Limited's investor partakes in as the date of the Record which will be ready intentionally. In 2011 the Vardhman bunch entered the attire business by making formal men's shirts

The company is trading at lowest valuation. There is also competition in the market but the company has strong management and the presence of company products is in rural as well as in the urban area. The brand name of the company is well known into the market in which it operates. If any company brand name is in the mind of the people or customers then that company create is more value in the market & market capitalization of the company will surely increase. The company in the textile sector performing very well. It is purely a consumption based theory.

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One Update on 1 nov-2013 

vardhmann textile ltd @352.95 
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