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Pantaloon retails Ltd at 272rs to 276rs


Pantaloons retails is trading around 272rs TO 276rs 

 Medium to long term

Targets- 281rs, 288rs, 295rs, 300rs, 310rs, 315rs, 325rs, 335rs, 350rs, 365rs, 375rs, 385rs, 400rs.

 Company profile:

Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited is a main Indian retailer that utilizes a wide scope of deals designs as far as cost and way of life. The Pantaloon has presented a business upheaval in India and its organizer Kishore Biyani is known as the "Lord of Retail" of India. The Pantaloon is settled in Mumbai. The organization as of now works in excess of five million square meters of deals region and plans to build it to thirty million sq. M. Ft in 2011. Pantaloon intends to open in excess of 3000 new stores by 2010.

 The beginnings of the Pantaloon were followed in 1987 when the organization was recorded as Manz Wear Private Limited. The organization has revealed the Pantaloons pants, which is the first item in Quite a while. In 1992, Pantaloon dispatched its IPO. In 1994, The Pantaloon Shoppe - an extraordinary men's clothing store in franchisee design was dispatched cross country. Pantaloon has started the dissemination of marked dress by stores that sell numerous items the nation over. In 2001, Big Bazaar, India's first hypermarket, was set up. In 2002, Food Bazaar, a grocery store, was dispatched. In 2006, Future Capital Holdings, the organization's money unit set up lodging money, "Kshitij" and "Skyline" and the private asset "Indi vision". The organization likewise plans to take care of protection and purchaser obligation.

 Future Retail Limited (FRL) is an Indian-based organization, occupied with the matter of exchanging an assortment of home and buyer items through departmental store administrations under different arrangements. The organization is vigorously associated with the matter of exchanging a wide scope of items. The organization approaches around 20 conservative hypermarket stores and shops selling 210 days. Its business designs comprise essentially of valuing business and independent venture. In its worth business, the organization works in all arrangements like Big Bazaar, the hypermarket; Food Bazaar, store; FBB, a design site; Food Hall, store, and helpful stores for Easyday. In its locally situated business, the organization works Hometown, a solitary home improvement store, and eZone, an enduring and electric force chain.

 The company is trading at lowest valuation. There is also competition in the market but the company has strong management and the presence of company products is in rural as well as in the urban area. The brand name of the company is well known into the market in which it operates. If any company brand name is in the mind of the people or customers then that company create is more value in the market & market capitalization of the company will surely increase. The company in the retail sector performing very well. It is purely a consumption based theory. The youngsters of the India are loved to do shopping for brands. The buying in the cloth segment will never come to an end. If company will not perform well then it may be the candidate of overtake. The big names like Reliance and others are looking to come into retail segment.

Expected Future of retail sector in India:

The Indian market has already begun. The reasons are many. Easy shopping malls, deeper packages than ever before, swanky shopping malls with well-tuned marketing strategies, top-of-the-line brands, all of which make you drop saliva and discount in bulk are just some of them. In the cities and towns of India, supermarkets are new places.

In India, the construction of supermarkets has become a turning point. The opening up of the Indian economy in the early 1990s brought a lot of consumer goods, stylish clothing, and other consumer goods, as well as a lot of media exposure as well as the idea of ​​supermarkets. It is now slowly creeping into even small towns. As a result large rental properties have taken up a high-rise. Be it Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, or any other big city, a growing trend is evident everywhere.

 It is believed that a total of 70-80 million square meters of shopping spaces are coming to all cities in India. Chain stores such as Pantaloon, Big Bazar, Stoppers' Stop, West Side, Trinetra, Food World and Sunday to Monday all announced major expansion plans. The popular Westside shopping center is set to launch 100 stores in the next two years, with Stoppers' Stop announcing that it will increase to 39 from the current 20 stores. Undoubtedly it is the big story of India’s growth that stimulates the retail sector. The coming years will see new destinations like Nashik, Nagpur, Siliguri and Amritsar.

Some facts also cannot be ignored about the shopping malls :

Speaking of the commercial future in India, there is a lot to look forward to. It is expected that the number of restaurants and other attractions will increase significantly in the coming years. There will also be a growing trend to run various classes such as yoga classes, swimming classes, Zumba classes, etc. After all, modern people would no longer be interested in visiting a large building with only products; unique and unforgettable information will be invaluable.

 We know that future shopping malls will be even more fun for people to enjoy. At the same time, future shopping malls will begin to integrate the elements of nature to make the natural transformation we find today in India’s supermarkets. You can expect to see the complex of buildings with an open structure, perfectly creating the environment you encounter, giving yourself a village look.

 Some retailers have realized how important it is to provide a unique, friendly, and natural experience. From the trees to the waterfalls and the peaceful breeze and the abundant sunlight in the mall the future of supermarkets in India is probably very bright.

Now, many people in India are bored of regular shops; they want something interesting. According to several marketing experts, the idea of​​large shopping malls will be revived in the coming years. As we said earlier, this experience will be more valuable than the most expensive, so the best-selling stores will focus on building better communities so that customers get a better experience.

Soon, shopping malls will continue to expand, including physical or mental health facilities in supermarkets.

The integration of resorts into supermarkets will improve the retail industry in building larger cities.

  Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making investment. My view may differ from others. Some data may have collected with the use of internet but the view on the company is personal.


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