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Buy kopran ltd trading at 23.35RS, stock for long term investors

Buy kopran ltd @23.35rs for long term investment.

Targets are 26rs, 28rs, 30rs , 33rs, 36rs, 40rs, 45rs, 48rs  plus

Company profile & history:

Kopran was developed by a Somali gang and was banned by Parijat Enterprises. The organization came out with a public issue at a higher cost than expected in November .92 to fund its reimbursement to provide links to state-of-the-art drug drugs and in addition to expand its anti-infection environment. and large trees and dispersed electric gears. It manufactures engineered penicillin and is among the world's most prominent manufacturers of amoxycillin. Kopran similarly makes penicillin-G acylase a stimulant for aging. It has special efforts to work with Gesellschaft Fur Biotechnologische Germany; Yuhan Corporation in South Korea; Ciba Corning US Diagnosis; and Adac Laboratories US Copran-based pharmaceutical plant is approved by the US FDA and UK management experts. In 1995 the organization was awarded the Quality Excellence Grant by the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association. Kopran's high level of development in shipping has been noted by various honors from CHEMEXCIL and the Department of Trade. The organization posted new items like AZ-1 Caps Klodip Tabs Moclox Kid Tabs Amyn Kid Tabs Tini-NF Amyn Caps and Amyn Dry Syrup. Kopran joined a joint venture with M / s Industrial Promotion Services Ltd to manage a functioning unit called Kampala Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd in Uganda. The organization is listed as one of the few most developing organizations in India (ORG Marg-June 2000)). It has closed its meeting office in Saki Naka Andheri Bombay. Globalpharma's joint venture with Dubai Investments Corporation began with the construction of businesses for most of the year 2002. The corporation increased its Liquids limit by 3.00 lakhs of Liters in 2001 and as a result of this limit increase the total limit was increased to 12.00 lakhs. increase its presented limit of Tablets and Capsules by 270 crores (Nos) and the total output has increased to 1080 crores (Nos). In February 2001 Kopran banned E-Merck from collaborating advertising. another Rofecoxib reducing drug in India. Rofecoxib is one of the fastest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) exported to the world market. The company also shipped Cholestat (Atorvastatin - lowering cholesterol) and continued to jointly grant Atorvastatin rights to E-Merck (India). The organization sent new items to rehabilitation circles such as AsthmaCardiologyDiabetes and Lifestyle items in 2003. The organization received accreditation from the European Directorate for Quality of Medicines (EDQM) in September 2003. Renewal of Manufacturing Office took place to meet the latest International Regulatory Norms.The United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK MHRA) is required to inspect offices on a quarterly basis of 2004.


It covers the needs of international business sectors with a range of 100 volume components including Tablets, Capsule, Dry Powder, Suspension and Injectables. A large number of APIs were created in-house, after which it contributed to the top of both marked and uninstalled programs.

Copyright Plant Authorization:

Adherence to International Product Good Practices.

Supported by 11 nations including TGA Australia, MCC South Africa, MHRA UK, FMHACA Ethiopia, PPB Kenya, MOH Oman, MOH Yemen, NDA Uganda, MOH Ivory Coast

The GMP certificate is FDA, Maharashtra Government

WHO GMP certificate issued by CDSCO, Government of India

In addition to 428 Product Approval in 46 countries including enrollment / ten items (Amlodipine Tabs, Omeprazole Caps, Azithromycin Caps, Albendazole Tabs, Flucloxacillin, Erythromycin Tabs, Ibuprofen Tabs, Ceftriaxone Inj. And Amoxycxy).

Meeting places

The office is located in Copolis, Raigad district, Maharashtra.The assembly office created an area of ​​11,432 sq. M. Mtrs. on site 8 Acres.

Committed to combining plants for:

Penicillin Dosage forms with an annual limit of 1,500 million pills, 20 million jars of Dry Syrup and 500 million tablets.

 Penicillin Non-Finished Dosage Forms have an annual limit of 2000 million Tablets (Unclosed), 1000 million Tablets (combined) and 500 million Capsules.

Definition Development

Creating Products / Information that align with Reference / Innovators items for targeted business sectors. Creating reports on Accredited Site Variation in the core areas of the business where the lead time for multiple approvals is long. Entered new and unique dosage elements such as SR Tabs, Oral Tables tabs as a tool to develop a current item portfolio.

Creating an Amoxy Clauv contributes to the current Amoxy customer base.

Details / Packing for driving progress. Kopran names a wide range of APIs, including Sterile Cephalosporins and Carbapenems, as far as possible in the classroom office. The integration of the Sterile API requires good office frameworks and quality frameworks. Kopran has been an important part of the integration of Sterile Cephalosporins with Carbapenems. We also offer Macrolide, Antibacterial, Anticonvulsant and Cardiovascular drugs. We carry the Qualification and Drug Certificate File with a large number of our APIs.


This plant is supported by the US FDA, EU GMP, WHO GMP and KFDA.

 Meeting place

The office is located in K-4/4, additional MIDC, Post Office: Birwadi, Tal: Mahad, Region: Raigad, Maharashtra, India. The developed region is 11,900 sq. Km. Meters at a site of 36000 sq. Km. Meters.

The office has a combination plant:




Carbapenems - Non-Sperm and Infertility



Other APIs

The Office has a transparent Quality Management System as indicated by the current Good Production Procedure. Using in-house and home research skills, this section focuses on more expensive drugs that require mechanical repair. The merger office is largely maintained by the classroom aviation factory in the expansion of innovations. The office was supported by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA) and the European Directorate of Quality Medicines (EDQM).

Related entries are registered with the USFDA:

Atenolol (Approved by ANDA system)

Related items have been applied for registration with the USFDA:



Metaprolol Tartarate

Metaprolol Succinate

Nitroxoline Dossier is backed by a German Drug Authority recorded in 15 EU countries,Factors for these EDQM Certificates for European Pharmacopeia (CEP) certification:





Lymecycline (under full approval)

General view on the company, the pharma sector in India is going to led the industry. Indian company may become manufacturing hub of the pharma sector. The companies having strong management, those companies may offer good returns in coming years. The company has very low debt and the growth story of the sector in which it operates i.e very good. This stock may be the multibagger stock for long term investors.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making any investment. The company profile data may have collected from the company website but the view on the company is personal. 

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