Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Intraday targets achieved

     Hi friends, if You have follow me through this blog then surely you have make profits from my recommendation.Yesterday I have given call on Shakti Pumps(India) Ltd. and you see targets achieved. Today I have recommended to buy ICICI Bank Ltd. and you see that intraday targets almost achieved. For timely update keep following me and get my recommendation and a chance to make super profit. I always try to give you the super profit on my selected stock. Targets will achieved and earn profit without giving any fees..

 I am not registered with SEBI and also not have any financial interest over any particular stock. Here  I share only my personal views and ideas of trading and investing in the Indian stock market. Before investing or trading one should consult his professional adviser or should take his own decision. I/blog author will not be responsible for any loss or profit due to trade or invest through effecting by my ideas or views. Before trading or investing one should apply his own mind or consult his professional financial adviser.
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